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A newbie to Squash

Published: 16 Jun 2006 - 20:56 by missing_record11

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 12:42

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After getting into the business(!), I have faced lots of things and lots of questions, that are needed to be answered. I live in Turkey and have started to play with curiosity, now 6 months passed and I can say that I am addicted. I am sorry to say that Squash is not a preffered game to play here around. People doesn't have so much information about squash technics, gear, maintenance etc. Everybody thinks Squash as a throwing ball to the wall game.

Of course, there are some addicts that have played Squash abroad for years, but they are not so willing to give info for the fancy beginners like me and a few friends. As I told, I am playing for 6 months nearly everyday and day by day people begin to pay attention to Squash with us. With new comers, a new community begin to gather, with lots of questions that I mentioned above. Every new comer comes and asks which type of racquet is suitable to play, how will they buy or maintain their gear, how can they learn the rules, improve techniques and so on...

As I have posted to O3 Tour forum, I have also lots of questions (some are weird I know). My question is how should basic maintenance be done to racquets? Which type of racquets should I suggest? Which type of grips and strings can be used commonly for squash?

Thanks for your help...

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From raystrach - 17 Jun 2006 - 20:21

hi kingpin

great to hear from a member from turkey! i rently spent two weeks in turkey and loved the place. unfortunately i could not find any convenietly located squash courts, although I am glad you have!

i can say that this is the best placeon the internet to get info on squash, so make sure you keep coming back. as far as racket mantenance is concerned it is pretty simple
  • grips: make sure that your grip is the right size and in good condition. see links below on this topic. if you need to build it up, wrap some insulaltion (plastic) tape around the built up handle before you put the grip on so that you can easily replace it . depending on how often you play and how much you sweat and a few other factors a grip will last anything from 2 weeks to 2 months
  • not all grips suit all people i use a grip (local brand) which comes out o the same factory as ashaway grips (other brands, I find are too slippery when i sweat)
  • At this stage you should not have to get new strings in the racket, although not everyone would agree - improving your skills will make much more difference than different strings which might make only a small difference
  • the racket you have should be fine for now but you could try other rackets to see how you like them as you replace the old one and as you improve your game
  • take care of your racket as would would any piece of valuable equipment eg
    • dont leave it sitting in the car in the sun
    • don't wait too long to replace the grip
building up the grip
grip info
more grip info

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