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adding lead tape

Published: 28 Aug 2006 - 00:40 by shib

Updated: 30 Aug 2006 - 20:54

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I wonder if anybody here as added lead tape to their rackets to increase sweet spot size, add power, heavier swingweight etc. Adding lead tape to tennis rackets is rather common but I've never seen a squash player so far who does. Are there any reasons why squash players hardly add lead tape to their rackets? Also, for those who add tape on their rackets, any tips on how to add and where to add them? thanks.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From rippa rit - 28 Aug 2006 - 07:29   -   Updated: 30 Aug 2006 - 20:54

Shib - you not reading/following our Forum articles? That's OK
Here is an article from the other day which touched on the topic of adding weight.

Further to the article about adding weight.  Years ago players used a Dunlop Racket with a fibreglass shaft, and it was heavy, but it did flex when the player hit the wall and less inclined to break.  The weight was good for the converted tennis players as they did not swing with the" skimming a stone" action but rather with a stiffer arm.  (So they might sock you in the head too with the excessive swing).  Give them a lighter racket and they could not hit the ball as well or with as much power.  So it was a chicken and egg situation

The slightest bit of weight to a squash racket (just a few grams) makes the difference between a light and heavy racket.  Even adding a bumper strip to the head can make it head heavy, or adding an over-grip changes the weight and balance. 

Sure, experiment, but do not strain the tendons in the elbow, and be sure to keep your wrist controlled.  Also check out your swing technique and be certain that is not contributing to your lack of power?

Good luck....

PS Here is a previous forum discussion about racket weight.

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