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What do you reckon about this swing?

Olli at Swedish Open - Needs plenty of room

Olli at Swedish Open - Needs plenty of room

Published: 10 Feb 2007 - 09:36 by rippa rit

Updated: 15 Feb 2007 - 13:23

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This pic taken by Squash Pics at the Swedish Open.
It sends out a few messages.
What do you reckon?
Hey it is a follow through ?squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From stevo - 15 Feb 2007 - 09:06   -   Updated: 15 Feb 2007 - 13:23

Yeah, I reckon if squashsite don't send anyone to the event they just use "library" pictures.

It looks like he is chopping a drop to front right. Probably just stepped across with his left foot for speed rather than turning his whole body.

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From Bolgy - 15 Feb 2007 - 08:57   -   Updated: 15 Feb 2007 - 09:00

Umm, that's the Tournament of Champions (note the Bear Sterns logos)

From the looks of it, it's the 2006 event, Olli is playing Shabana. Here is another photo of the match.

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From Daren - 12 Feb 2007 - 21:52

this is the follow through you use when you feel like you may have hit the bill too low, so you follow through extra high and hard in an attempt to will the ball upwards while its in flight.


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From drop-shot - 12 Feb 2007 - 06:48

As for me it is typicall Olli's style of drop from the back court. Actually he does freeze in that body position watching the ball. If I reckon well, thats the match with Liam Kenny, very fast paced match. PSALive maybe annoys few of you, but I do still enjoy watching the matches :-)

Regarding footwork - the body weight lies on the back leg and in my rookie opinion it spins back the ball.

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From rippa rit - 12 Feb 2007 - 06:28

Adz - it looks like a slice going into the front corner.  That is what tricked me as the racket was so high.
This guy is well spread and to go around him would be a wide berth - and to go under him you would need to be a cat, or get a hit in the chops. 
The footwork would make recovery more difficult so he better have done a damn good shot.

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From Adz - 12 Feb 2007 - 01:35


Is it really a follow through? From here he could take the ball off the back wall as it passes him!

But realistically it looks like he's hit quite a low and hard shot from a limited back-swing. At a guess I'd say he'd arrived out of position (feet aren't in a great spot for playing a backhand!) and tried to play a powered low backhand towards to front right-hand corner - I'm guessing low right based on his racquet, wrist and eye position during the follow-through and the footwork of his opponent.

Ultimately it looks like he could have done better with his body position and foot work, and this has led to him being forced to playing an apparently awkward shot with a high follow-through and poor recovering footwork.

But then again that's just my take on a single snapshot and could be completely wrong!


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