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Ashaway - white color stencil ink?

Published: 07 Mar 2007 - 14:09 by titleist731

Updated: 13 Mar 2007 - 18:37

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anyone know where i can buy a bottle of white stencil ink...

for the red ashaway powernick david palmer has?

seems white is the only color that will show up on the red powernick

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From titleist731 - 13 Mar 2007 - 18:37

i believe it is esquash powerfibre

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From nickhitter - 13 Mar 2007 - 01:41

haha that is shocking! it looks like a three year old has done it! I really don't think a stencil has been used even!

obviously shabana's a much better squash player than he is an artist.

P.s what's the yellow coloured string that shabana has in there?

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From stevo - 12 Mar 2007 - 11:34   -   Updated: 12 Mar 2007 - 11:36

On the subject of stencils, I noticed this from the TOC. I doubt Dunlop would be too happy with that. It looks like someone has been making there own stencils but are missing that artistic flair

This stencil is a bit better.

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From Adz - 09 Mar 2007 - 21:11


You'll have to contact them for a catalogue as they only operate a phone->mail order service and not an online sales site.

The ink comes in a little bottle with a brush head to it so you can apply them to the strings. If you run a google search for "Wilson Stencil Ink" you should be able to find the type of thing I mean.

Ray I always found that carboard absorbs the ink and goes soggy and breaks down over time, but I have used it in an emergency to great effect.


I think that putting the stencil back on gives the racquet a finished look and makes it stand out once it's been restrung. I've started to use a signiture pattern at the bottom on anything other than ashaway and tecnifibre strings (which have their own signitures).


Always fun!


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From raystrach - 09 Mar 2007 - 08:29

hi all

we used to make our own stencils with some carboard. by the time you use it a couple of times, the paint protects the cardboard, we used to brush the stuff on with a small paint brush.

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From nickhitter - 09 Mar 2007 - 07:30

Adz, so how do you apply the ink? does you just pour it on both sides? or do you use some kind of sponge/brush ? how long does it take to dry?

I've never bothered in the past but rackets do look pretty crap without a logo on the strings! I might get my powerflow elite done. I checked with but couldn't find anything about stenciling ink. Could you give me a link to a page where I can buy some?


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From Adz - 08 Mar 2007 - 19:35   -   Updated: 08 Mar 2007 - 19:35

Thinking of it, the white ink works really well on the Ashaway Supernick XL Pro (the dark blue string).

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From Adz - 08 Mar 2007 - 19:33


To be honest I usually make my own, but you can download/make them from images online. I tend to use a thick presentation sheet (the type used on old overhead projectors). They tend to be durable, flexible and easy to cut into the desired shapes.

On principle I refuse to pay anyone £5 a time for a stencil that I can make a better job of for about 10p and 10 mins of effort (for a rough conversion thats $2.5 vs 5cents!).


It's best to get hold of a brand new racquet with the original factory stencil in place but worst case senario is that I have to download a graphic.




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From nickhitter - 08 Mar 2007 - 00:04

Where do you get the actual stencils from? or do you just make your own?

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From titleist731 - 07 Mar 2007 - 23:23

maybe ashaway themselves?  they are the "geniuses" that came up with red string to begin with

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From Adz - 07 Mar 2007 - 21:36

I buy mine from "Watkins and Doncaster" in the UK.


Not sure of anywhere else that sells the stuff.



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