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how to train smart?

Published: 21 Mar 2007 - 23:27 by shib

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 16:29

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After 3 years of playing squash around 9 hours a week, i am still a F grade player. Recently, someone who just started 1.5 years ago is already C graded and he doesn't seem to train as much as I do. Thus, I realize that it was probably because I was training wrongly -hard not smart at all. would anybody care to share how to train smartly?

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From hamburglar - 22 Mar 2007 - 23:59

I agree with Sage. if you don't know how you can improve, you probably need a lesson with a squash pro. I would guess that any time I go on court and get beaten (or not), I can find something to improve on. It could be a shot, technique, or strategy, but there's always something.

I'm not sure what F-grade is, I thought it only went to D or E.

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From SuperSage666 - 22 Mar 2007 - 22:05

Hi Shib

If you are very logical, observant and can analyse your game and abilities well, then you can apply dmennie's approach to improving your game.   

If not: (which is like most of us).  Then get a good coach.

Good luck!


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From dmennie - 22 Mar 2007 - 18:11

Any sport consists of only 4 areas

1.Technical; 2. Tactical; 3 Physical; 4 Mental. If you are not training all of these then you are going to fail. Fail at what? Do you have any aims/goals or are you just training aimlessly. To improve you must look at what the deficiencies are in your game and indentify the resources that you require to improve them. Sounds logical doesn't it!!! To understand the deficiencies you must have goals to aim for. Improvement can be massive(as with beginners) or incremental (as with proffesionals). Set goals for yourself-Identify what you need to achieve them. Do it!!!! Train the deficiencies and make them strengths

There are only 4 reasons an athlete fails to reach their potential

1 Dont know what to do

2 Dont know how to do it

3 Dont have the resources to do it

4 Dont want to do it

All the best

David M


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