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Serve Receivers position ?

Published: 10 Jul 2007 - 20:39 by battams

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 16:33

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Can anyone clarify the feet position of the receiver during servince ? Should they be insde the box ? or can the receiver stand anywhere on the reciver side ?



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From hagesy - 14 Jul 2007 - 09:20

Hey there battams.

The feet positions varies really, depending on where you are comfortable , at what level you play, whether your opponent uses a flat serve, lob serve, etc, you get the picture.

I myself tend to stand in line with the back of the service box, or even marginally in front. I believe this gives you a number of advantages.

1. You are showing your opponent that you are comfortable volleying the ball.

2. If you do volley the serve from this position, your opponents settling in time in court centre is less, making them feel less in control, more rushed.

3. I have always found it easier to move back and return the serve of the side wall or take it off the back wall rather than moving forward trying to cut the ball of before it hits the side wall.

Good volleying is important but not a pre-requiste. Too many players only get half as good as they can, due to the fact that they are not comfortable volleying and therefore will not volley unless it is a sitter. If you show your opponent you are willing to volley, even though it might be a shot you are not the most comfortable with, it will add another dimension to your game. But by all means practise it as much as you can.

P.S If the server did hit you with their swing whilst serving, of course it would be a stroke, it is probably closer to 10 strokes, lol.

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From rippa rit - 11 Jul 2007 - 08:15

Here is the WSF Rules and Spec link. 
The links on this page will be the ideal place to place questions in their rules forum or through Q and A with Don Ball.

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From adam_pberes - 11 Jul 2007 - 00:13


I asked this when I was at a coaching course, and grant gough (level 3 coach) told me that the receiver is allowed to stand anywhere, even behind the server, (which he thinks is a great way of putting them off   ). But yeah, if the server did hit you, it wouldnt be a stroke, but it would be included as your shot. You can stan a metre infront of the service line and try to return it if you want to, or if you can.

Anyone have any idea if it is the same for doubles? or are there actual rules for this.

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From Adz - 10 Jul 2007 - 21:54

I don't believe that the rules state where the receiver has to stand, so technically I guess that you can stand anywhere on the court that doesn't interfere with your opponents serve! Standing infront of them would surely be a stroke against you!

From a practicality point of view I'd recommend that you stand rough one raccquet lengths distance diagonally off the rear corner of the service box on your side of the court. This give the best coverage of a variety of serves. Although naturally you should change your position to best return your opponents serve.






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