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Closed racket is not a good idea in the back of the court

Closed racket is not a good idea in the back of the court

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Look at this as a contrast - This is how to do it!

Published: 31 Aug 2007 - 09:45 by rippa rit

Updated: 11 Sep 2007 - 07:33

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This picture is from squashsite.
For those players wanting to improve technique, take a look at the back swing in the back forehand corner, clearly visible in this is very desirable to keep the racket face open in the back swing particularly going deep in the court to retrieve a shot.
In this picture the racket face in the back swing is facing the floor.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From rippa rit - 11 Sep 2007 - 07:19   -   Updated: 11 Sep 2007 - 07:33

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Forehand Back Court Stroll

Hey, I reckon this player at the NSC KL (compliments of squashsite) might have a vertical swing, 'cos the movement looks pretty relaxed moving back in the court. 
It seems more like a "stroll in the park"!

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From raystrach - 01 Sep 2007 - 08:52

key points

don't just look at the racket itself - look at everything else remembering that the pros play squash, but not as we know it!

the main pic shows the arm pretty  straight with the racket head at about the same height as the elbow, with the shaft horizontal. if i were coaching someone, i would (and do) get them to change - the difference it make is incredible

look at jp  and criag r - elbow pointing to the ground with the racket more or less pointing up

even greg's racket is vertical with albeit a slightly closed face

the best forehands are produced when the racket is "pulled through" the shot - the pic above cannot do that

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From rippa rit - 01 Sep 2007 - 07:07

Sparty - thanks for your comments. 

For those members wanting to learn how to approach the ball in the back of the court I recommend:
  • Prepare the back swing early.
  • Limit the amount of last minute adjustment in the swing and footwork.
  • The open racket face will lift the ball as well as give a full range of options on the return.

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From nickhitter - 01 Sep 2007 - 05:29   -   Updated: 01 Sep 2007 - 05:32

well what can I say Rippa, I think there's massive holes in your argument! unless you think that me having an opinion is also 'not applicable to this post'! haha. If you find what people say about you're post and the opinions that it creates 'Not applicable' I suggest you get Ray to make it a 'read only' topic!

Anyway, how you can say that the ball on the JP shot is high, when it's not even in the photo is beyond me! also there is no ball in the Vicky shot either, so for all we know the ball may be bouncing off the back wall and be quite getable and she has just started her movement to the back, (her front foot is not planted - she is definitely not swinging at the ball, the racket may come up yet further) in the same way that Greg has approached his shot. How you can say this pic is applicable, yet the Greg one not is again beyond me.

Also the guy in blue shirt actually has NO options as he is making his shot! not preparing for it! actually we have no idea what his approach was. look at his legs - he is lunging at the ball, front foot planted - the only place he can move now is back to the T.


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From rippa rit - 31 Aug 2007 - 20:24

Sparty - we have said we all see different things when we look, and squash technique is no exception.  I will comment on the pics and links as I understand what I see.

JP link - the ball is in the middle of the court and the ball is high, not applicable to this post.

Gaultier link - the ball is between waist and knee high, and he is still following the ball down the court to hit it, the arm is well extended (elbow almost straight so there is plenty of room for further adjustment) - not applicable to this post.

Craig (in blue shirt) has far better options (boast or drive or lob) from his approach, for a few reasons, eg recovery to the T, balanced and well prepared swing requiring minimum adjustment to the wrist or racket to hit the ball, which in turn assists accuracy, and maximum back swing will give maximum power, and the open racket minimises unforced errors chasing a ball in the back of the court.

The pic in the post - her racket swing is half way towards a preparation, or half way through a swing - not what I would recommend for those learning to get balls out of the back corner. 

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From nickhitter - 31 Aug 2007 - 18:10   -   Updated: 31 Aug 2007 - 18:27

I know on paper what you are saying rippa, but many of the top players use a slightly closed face position when they are preparing this shot, look at this one of gaultier (and he doesn't exactly look like he is being rushed into sacrificing his technique!)

The same can be true on the backhand side. here is JP with closed racket face preparation

The two photos you have give as example are actually at a different point in the stroke. Vicky is preparing for her shot, the guy in your  'correct' picture is actually hitting it! As he has actually started the downswing by that point, due to the fact that he is doing a big lunge.

As long as the face is slightly open when you actually hit the ball I don't think you need to get too hung up on how you backswing looks.

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From rippa rit - 31 Aug 2007 - 17:39

What I am trying to point out by putting this pic here is the racket is preparing for a shot out of the back corner, maybe a boast, and it does not matter which shot really, except that to get under the ball as you wait for it, or hurry to catch up with it, the ball will be low, and the racket face has to get under the ball - yes?

To get under the ball (or to scrape anything off the ground for that matter, eg shovel) you need to have the racket face (or shovel) in that ready position.  Is my point well enough explained?  There is more if you want to ask more questions!

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From vitty - 31 Aug 2007 - 17:30

Maybe Vicky wants to play a boast ? Isabelle seems a little wrong-footed.

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From mlongobard - 31 Aug 2007 - 10:47

So this photo is an example of bad form?

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rippa, I had a chance to try the tips you generously provided and they worked well

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