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How to deal with a hard hitter...

Published: 06 Sep 2007 - 03:33 by hvcarvalho

Updated: 14 Nov 2008 - 16:42

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Hello all,


I'm not a very experienced player and I'm not beggining to play in some tournaments and practicing with different people to try to improve my game.

One of these new practicing partner is a hard hitter, meaning that all the balls he hit are with a lot of stamina, and I have a lot of difficulties winning games or eaven points, how can I outcome this???


I also play with another partner that plays very close to the tin, do you have any ideas to overcome this?


Thanks and best regards,


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From hvcarvalho - 06 Sep 2007 - 23:47

Thank you!!!

I'll try to apply all this knowledge in the next games and I'll tell you what where the results...

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From hamburglar - 06 Sep 2007 - 23:13

A hard hitter will love playing another hard hitter because all balls will come to the back for him and all they have to do is move side to side. The advantage for you is that they will most likely hit any short ball deep. It may be hard to hit dropshot winners as the ball will likely be quite hot, but still use dropshots to move them around.

Hard boasts should also work well to keep them moving around. Lobs will slow them down since they probably want the ball low where they can whack it. Keep the ball tight. Try hitting only straight, boast, and drop any ball you can volley. Crosscourts are too easy to retrieve from the back.

For the guy that hits close to the tin, keep the ball deep and wide. Lower their percentages by making them hit from further back.

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From SamBWFC - 06 Sep 2007 - 22:05

As a natural hard-hitting player myself who has just about learned to take a lot out of shots, I know a fair bit on this. There are a lot of positives you can take from a player like this.


If he is a hard-hitter, most shots are likely to go into the back corners. This puts you at an advantage as it makes him very predictable.


They are going to get tired easily. Whacking the ball all the time, especially in a hot court, will kill him off after a few long rallies. Make him work for the ball, vary your game and you will torture him.


Volley his shots with ease. Hardly put any swing in the racket at all, the power will be generated for you by your opponent. Aim to place the volley in the back corners, FOCUSING ON PRECISION and you'll have him beaten.

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From rippa rit - 06 Sep 2007 - 07:49   -   Updated: 06 Sep 2007 - 08:19

Welcome to the forum. 
I have put in a link to our tactical section to make it easy for you to find.
There is also a "discussion" feature on each library and technical page now for squashgame gold members.

If you have any further queries after browsing around just ask some more questions.
Good luck with your game.

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