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Published: 28 Nov 2007 - 09:29 by raystrach

Updated: 28 Nov 2007 - 10:22

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For those who have not noticed, these is now a new left menu which provides members with better navigation across our extensive knowledge base.

Each page of content, either in the library or in the members' forum has one or more tags attached. The new system links content with like tags so that you can easily navigate between various resources with minimal effort.

  • Library, Forum and video resources all available in the one menu (video can only be viewed by Gold members)
  • Your most recent tag selections are recorded in "My Tags"
  • "My Menu Selections" have all the old personal links that were in the previous menu that enable you to view/manage your contributions to
  • By clicking on one of the "Page Tags" or "My Tags" selections, you will view all resources which have that tag (the "Relevant" content selections only list what the system considers the 10 most relevent pages)

feedback is welcome - please let me know if you are having any difficulty with the new system. also, let us know when the selected like content does not seem to have any connection to the original content.

ps. more features will be added in the coming months

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