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Published: 18 Dec 2007 - 08:20 by nickhitter

Updated: 29 Dec 2007 - 07:20

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Ray/Rita, how come I can't access all the old threads from the 'view archive' button at the top of each forum section anymore? It used to show just around 5 threads, then clicking that showed every thread ever written in the section, now pressing that button doesn't seem to do anything. I know it has been that way for a while, but I only just found it frustrating as I just fancied browsing through all old topics.



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From nickhitter - 29 Dec 2007 - 07:20

had any luck, Ray?

I still can't browse through old topics, however they do appear when I use the search function.


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From rippa rit - 19 Dec 2007 - 07:28

About the "relevant content tab" Ray mentioned in the lefthand column - if I don't daily enter the key words from the article there could be "nil" articles listed; so keep checking back as I do try to be efficient! oops! and bring up to date every few days.

I think Ray is going to add to this feature to make it quicker when his list of "to do" jobs shrinks down a bit.

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From raystrach - 18 Dec 2007 - 14:30   -   Updated: 18 Dec 2007 - 14:36

i will look into the problem sparty.

i have  a feeling that i started to change things but did not quite finish. i should have it tidied up within 24 hours


i am sure you have used the tags menu, but just in case (for others as well) The tags menu (above left) provides like content to that which i being viewed. please ask for any clarifications if necessary.

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