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turning; When is it forced?

Published: 20 Jan 2008 - 04:09 by aprice1985

Updated: 20 Jan 2008 - 08:55

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I was just wondering when turning could be considered to be justified and when it is not.  Recently i was hit by the ball after my opponent turned on my serve having already had a thrash at it and missed, if feel he shouldn't have turned as he forced himself into it by missing his original attempt, is this justified or not?squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From aprice1985 - 20 Jan 2008 - 08:55

That makes a lot of sense, next obvious question is when is turning considered deliberate?  At the time i was just angry at being hit when i had played a fairly good serve and was nicely on the T waiting!

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From Adz - 20 Jan 2008 - 05:40

In this situation a referee should give you a stroke as your opponent played a dangerous shot without knowing where you were.

HOWEVER: You would be wrong in saying that the opponent should not be allowed to turn in this position. The rules state that DELIBERATE turning is not allowed, but in this case your opponent made efforts to play the ball and was forced into turning by missing the first attempt. He was quite entitled to do this and to ask for a let, but by playing the ball it can be considered dangerous play and therefore a stroke should have been awarded to you.

Hope that helps,



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