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help on the volley!

Published: 23 Jan 2008 - 22:45 by shib

Updated: 24 Jan 2008 - 07:36

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My regular playing partner at the club has very good lob serves which are tight to the side wall and dies in the back. I'm having lots of problems returning the serve with a good volley esp on the backhand. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to do a good volley off such shots? Thanks

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From rippa rit - 24 Jan 2008 - 07:36

Shib there is extensive info on this in the Squash Library.

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From fatness - 24 Jan 2008 - 06:24

My best advice would be to get some coaching if possible and learn the correct backhand technique. failing that, volley up and down the backhand wall and concentrate on aiming the ball tight into the back corner each time. ensure you turn your shoulders until they are parallel to the side wall and swing through the ball. I suspect that you are not turning into the shot enough, this is a common mistake by beginners.when you get to the stage that you can volley continously up and down tight the wall, you should have no problems. also, you should stand at the corner of the service box when receiving serve. if you feel you can take the ball before it hits the side wall, move forward and take it early. if not, move back to a position where the ball will come off the side wall, align the ball position with your shoulder and swing through. the ball should now hit the front wall and come back down the wall nice and tight, putting you in command on the T. hope this helps.

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