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quadricep stretch

Published: 26 Jan 2008 - 15:08 by teacher

Updated: 25 Sep 2008 - 20:27

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When doing the quadricep stretch that you have described on your website you shouldn't actual hold your foot as this places added stress on your ankle. Instead you should hold your anlke and push your hip forward if you are not feeling the stretch enough.

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From rippa rit - 27 Jan 2008 - 09:21   -   Updated: 27 Jan 2008 - 09:30

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Quad Stretch Kneeling

Quad Stretch Standing

Thanks for your comments.  Of course if anything hurts it is a good idea to stop or release the pressure or modify the stretch, eg put a towel around your ankle to lift it up behind your back (keep your knee in alignment), which also saves your back  Then work on the flexibility of your ankles, as well as maybe your back.  All stretches should be done within the limits of pain, held, and repeated and gradually more flexibility will be achieved.

Here is an alternative quad stretch which is the one I prefer.

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