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let off the serve

Published: 06 Mar 2008 - 09:05 by aprice1985

Updated: 06 Mar 2008 - 15:36

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While recieving serve on my backahnd side my opponent served one which went down the middle of the court nearly on the line, i moved round to take it as a forehand without turning as it would not have bounced accross enough to take on the backhand, i then asked for a let as  i was stood to take it on the forehand with my opponent near the T.  Was this a justified ask?

Feel free to ask further questions i may not have described it well

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From bosartek - 06 Mar 2008 - 15:36

This is perfectly acceptable. Serving down the line to catch your opponent off-guard is fine, but the server is still obligated to stay out of the way (even more so if it is just a loose shot and the receiver is well in position for the return). That is, there is no advantage to serving down the line unless it effectively surprises the receiver; otherwise, it is just a bad/dangerous serve and warrants a let if not a stroke for repeated offences. I saw the same situation occur twice during a WISPA match and the receiver complained vehemently (in both instances she was given a let, though a third time may indeed have resulted in a stroke).

On the other hand, if your opponent is stubborn, you could just start standing to the right of the half-line (i.e. on the same side of the court as the server) ready for a backhand return... they should get the hint pretty quickly!

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