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The Long Road To Recovery

Published: 27 May 2008 - 23:15 by Adz

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 17:33

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For those of you who read my recent post about the Stability of different types of shoes, you'll know that I recently suffered an ankle injury which is keeping me off court and slowly driving me insane!

I said I'd post a kind of blog about how the injury is going and what I've found out about along the way, but in all honesty my heart hasn't been in keeping a blog as it gets quite annoying and depressing having to keep notes on why you can't do something as simple as jogging or ghosting around a court.


So where am I now? Sitting down as I have been for most of this week with a large bubble of swelling on the outside of my ankle just waiting for my new ankle brace to arrive from the states so that I can actually get some training done.


After about 3 days the pain in my ankle had gone, and only resurfaced during flexing or moving the ankle around, and I am still following the RICE method religiously until I feel the pain completely gone during all normal movement........ unfortunately that could take some time!


My aim in the past few days has been to keep myself involved in squash as much as I can. I read the forums quite often and spend time searching through internet sites to keep me up to date on the developments in the sport (hats off to Greg Gaultier for the super series win  - looking forward to seeing it on Sky when it comes around). On a good point I've had chance to scour some online companies looking for some bargains to buy to get me back on court.


So..... once my ankle brace arrives I'll begin strengthening the ankle with simple stretches on the edge of a step and using a resistance band to stretch the ankle against. Added to that some basic flexibility stretches and hopefully I should be up and playing again as soon as possible!





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From Adz - 29 May 2008 - 00:55

Well I've tried a few of the following:

  • Up on toes, walk on toes
    • can do this one but does get a bit sore
  • Up on heels, walk on heels
    • No problems here as this is how I was walking around when it first happened.
  • Stand on outside of foot, then walk on outside of foot
    • This is the really painful one. Not ready to put any weight on it at this point as just stretching into this position hurts like hell!
  • Stand on inside of foot, then walk on inside of foot.
    • Another eay one to do. No pain from this, but then the injury was the outside of the foot.
  • Slowly wriggle you ankle every which way you can (you are probably already trying to do this) including backwards, forwards, sidewards,etc.
    • Forwards, inwards and backwards at every extreme is sore, but outwards is just stiff. Clearly more work needed on the outer part of the ankle

So there we have it. I feel confident enought o do some (very) light jogging, and will probably go with cycling for the time being, but anything involving turning the ankle inwards is still pretty sore. More time off still needed I think, now if I can just keep my sanity I might just be alright!!



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From rippa rit - 28 May 2008 - 21:29

Simple things to do within the limits of pain:

  • Up on toes, walk on toes
  • Up on heels, walk on heels
  • Stand on outside of foot, then walk on outside of foot
  • Stand on inside of foot, then walk on inside of foot.
  • Slowly wriggle you ankle every which way you can (you are probably already trying to do this) including backwards, forwards, sidewards,etc.


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From Adz - 28 May 2008 - 18:05

No xrays, no Physio, no crutches. I started off struggling and limping the best I could, I even had to get my wife to drive me to work because I couldn't press the clutch pedal down!

But all being well the ankle is recovering slowly (too slowly for my liking!), and once I get my ankle brace I'm going to back to solo routines on court to keep my eye in. I think it was a blessing in disguise that I bought the ankle brace from the states, as it is taking a long time to arrive and I won't go back on court without it.

Yesterday was the first day that I could visibly see the swelling had gone down, and the initial bruising around the ankle bone and down through the topof the foot is slowly fading. The strength is no where near what it needs to be to even jog lightly, but the pain becomes less levery day and the movement increases.

Anyone with ankle strengthening exercises please post something up and I'll tell you how well they work.




A very bored ADZ!!

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From rippa rit - 28 May 2008 - 08:29

Yep Adz sitting on the sideline is no fun.

Did you go to the Pnysio and/or have an X-ray?  Well, I know the "good talk" is circulation (blood flow to promote the healing); joint mobility (to keep a full range of movement in the joint).

So you are on crutches, or putting the foot to the floor and hobbling?


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