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Blue Star Racquet Review

Blue Star

Blue Star

Published: 09 Jun 2008 - 15:56 by mike

Updated: 10 Jun 2008 - 19:38

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I've recently had access to the "Blue Star" racquet made by Pioneer Sports in India and thought I'd share my experience.

The racquet features a 57cm2 head with an 18 x 18 string pattern. This smaller size does force you to watch the ball more closely and pay attention to hitting the even smaller sweet spot.

The relatively dense string pattern is possibly responsible for the high level of spin this racquet imparts when the ball is sliced. When you have time (for good preparation) this racquet can hit great square drives, but the 280g overall weight does hamper manoeuvrability. It is probably not the best choice for wristly or deceptive players or those with a less than guerilla strength grip.

The Blue Star is a full wooden racquet, which is quite unsual these days. I think the move to graphite and titanium based racquets has definitely been a good idea.

Stifness is also a weak point of the Blue Star. A noticible wobble can be felt after striking the ball with any sort of force.


I have not seen the Blue Star available for sale anywhere, but if you can find one it could be useful for training purposes. It  will definitely improve your hand strength, and if you concentrate on hitting good shots will also improve the frequency with which you find the sweet spot on a more modern racquet.

A 57cm2 head is not something to take into a competitve match though.


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From mike - 10 Jun 2008 - 19:38

I've wondered if it might have historical value. Certainly has training value as my normal racquet feels amazing after using this one.

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From rippa rit - 10 Jun 2008 - 16:55

Mike, are you sure that racket has not come out of the museum?

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