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Malcolm compares tennis to squash

Published: 09 Jul 2008 - 09:00 by rippa rit

Updated: 09 Jul 2008 - 09:00

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In many ways reflecting on what Malcolm says about the Wimbeldon players does remind me of the things said about our top squash players.  There is always some mannerism, or idiosyncrasy that the public pick up on, and sometimes copy, as well as, and at the same time ridicule.

The grunting in tennis, and the stamping of feet in squash.  The bouncing of the ball before serving and the wasting time, all remind me of similar player traits.  And I would say, the more it annoys the opponent the more it will be repeated, unless stamped out by the rules of the game.  I must say the clapping of hands, not only after a spectacular shot, but continuously gets a bit over the top, then it might also transfer into our squash doubles if doubles was on stage more often.  Well, for public appeal I am for the "boomps-a-daisy" and leave the clap to the tennis players!

Thinking about it a bit more, you know being under continual scrutiny is not that great when people keep remarking on how many times you blow your nose, how much weight you have lost/gained, scratch your b..., bounce the ball, grunt, limp, wear tight pants, show revealing bits....heavens I must be missing something as I am always looking at how they hit the ball, and what grip they have, and how well they move on court, if blocking the opponent was intentional - yep, I got it wrong.


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