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Squash being promoted in the Clare Valley

Published: 14 Jul 2008 - 20:13 by rippa rit

Updated: 15 Jul 2008 - 08:33

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It is interesting to read the remarks following last year's Australian Open which was held in the Clare Valley(out of the metropolitan area of South Australia), and in the wine district of Clare.  Squash News article

“The town has really got behind the Australian Open again this year,” Norman said. “We’ve got a group of volunteers ready to go into the schools next week to organise player visits, which were really popular last year. “We’ve also organised for the school classes to come down during the day to watch the matches.” Norman said the South Australian Government had given organisers some funding for local promotional activity, while the Clare and Gilbert Valley Shire Council had also given the tournament the use of the Valleys Lifestyle Centre as a venue, as well as a substantial cash grant. But he said the most lasting benefit was the upsurge of interest in squash in Clare, which experienced a surge after last year’s tournament and which now has 49 juniors in its program. “We noticed more people playing after last year’s tournament and our junior program is now the equal of anything in Adelaide,” Norman said.

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From mike - 15 Jul 2008 - 08:33

It's good to see the tournament have such an effect toward growing the sport in the area.

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