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Published: 10 Jun 2009 - 19:52 by jph

Updated: 11 Jun 2009 - 19:54

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If a ball goes over a fan that is hanging from the ceilling what is it out or a let?

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From rippa rit - 11 Jun 2009 - 19:45   -   Updated: 11 Jun 2009 - 19:54

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Is the ball IN or OUT?

Mike I hope this diagram helps.

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From mike - 10 Jun 2009 - 22:28

I didn't realise there was a distinction between over and through.

To consider another example, suppose an end court had a light fixed high on the side wall above the out line, with the light protruding over the court, but only fixed to the building at one point. If the ball passed over the light but otherwise stayed in it would not be out?

But if that same light were attached to the building at two points, the side wall and the ceiling, or two attachments to the ceiling, and the ball took exactly the same path it would be out, because it would have passed through the light?


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From rippa rit - 10 Jun 2009 - 20:56   -   Updated: 10 Jun 2009 - 21:13

It is not a let, unless the Marker/Referee is undecided if the ball in IN or OUT.

A ball which passes OVER a fitting attached to the ceiling, such as a light or a fan, remains in play.  However, a ball which passes THROUGH such a fitting is out.

Definition of OUT from WSF Rules:

"OUT -  The term used to indicate that the ball has struck either the out line, or a wall above the out line, or the ceiling, or any fitting attached to the ceiling and/or the wall above the out line or the ball has passed through any fitting attached to the ceiling and/or the wall above the out line. In addition, on courts which are not fully enclosed, the ball has passed over the out line and out of the court without touching any wall or, if no out line is provided, passed over any wall and out of the court. ("Out" is also a Marker's call)."

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