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Swing Technique

Published: 24 Oct 2009 - 19:09 by Paolo

Updated: 31 Oct 2009 - 09:35

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Hi Rippa and Ray,

I have a question on the mechanics of the swing...

I have read in a a section " Swing and movement exercises" this content:

"Figure of eight continuos: continnualy alternate from a bakhand loop to a forehand loop and gradually make the loop bigger to resemble a forehand and backhand backswing."


I have a confusion on this exercises an i have a questions:

1) the shape of the swing is circular? is a loop? i think in the "modern" swing (facilitate becouse the rackets is more light) is a lateral swing...Is correct my observation?  for example gaultier, El Hindi etc...seems to me that the shape is lateral...

2) i don't understand the exercises... The loop on bakhand in what diretion? from up to down or vice versa? and the forehand?

can you explein me more detail?


i hope you understand my english...

thanks for your attention and your precious advices


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From Paolo - 31 Oct 2009 - 09:35

Thanks for your precious suggestion..!



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From raystrach - 27 Oct 2009 - 08:36

hi paolo

hamburglar is correct in what he has had to say. to explain...

  • this is a strengthening and coordination exercise designed to provide some specific strength(endurance) work for your forearm and wrist and hand generally
  • it also helps you get the feel of the forehand and backhand swings and the transition from backhand to forehand
  • essentially, you move the racket in alternate (albeit slightly modified) backhand and forehand swings to form a figure of 8 (tipped on its side) with the racket head
  • this is done by alternating the aforementioned pronation and supination of the forearm
  • make it continuous thus putting some pressure on the forearm, wrist and hand
  • make sure you keep a firm grip on the racket and a firm wrist especially at first
  • as a more advanced drill, you could also move the wrist at the same time, but i would not go down this path until you have mastered the original exercise
  • also, when wrist movement is incorporated, you need to proceed cautiously as injury could result with excessive exercise or strained movement
  • depending on your physiology, it could take some months of doing the basic exercise before progressing to the more advanced version

hope this helps


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From Paolo - 27 Oct 2009 - 06:59

I have a bit of confusion...can you explain me better?

..becouse in the immage on the exercise there is a loop, a circle...


can you explain me better my two question in  my post on top?


thank again


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From hamburglar - 25 Oct 2009 - 05:57

When you swing, the racket head should drop down and your follow through should lead your racket through. The backhand follow through should end up where your forehand swing starts, and your forehand follow through ends where your backhand starts.

I believe this is what is creating the figure 8 pattern.

The racket should always start high at the beginning of the swing and come down low, the follow through brings the racket head up again.

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