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Prince airstick 130 2009 edition review

Published: 06 Nov 2009 - 14:55 by rskting

Updated: 06 Nov 2009 - 14:55

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Ramy Ashour's racquet... I just he made it so famous by thumbing his nose at HEAD and going back to the old airstick that they had to continue this racquet. It' a great racquet, but not for everyone. Pretty much the same racquet as what Peter Nicol used for the longest time. It's thick 19 or 20mm, is teardrop, and fairly dense. Gives more power than the soft dunlops, less than the really stiff heads, and pretty good control and manueverability. Feels the same as old airstick 130 by the way, just paintjobs. about $100 retail, so pretty good.

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  Racquet up and back - helped make reactions much quicker. I could cut the balls off much earlier on the drives down the walls.  

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