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Distraction and pointing.

Published: 12 Nov 2009 - 18:12 by adam_pberes

Updated: 01 Dec 2011 - 08:58

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Okay, I've noticed many players are complaining and stopping the rally (cause they feel theyve been distracted) if the opposition has appealed an out/high ball by raising their hand.

My question is, if you are appealing a ball that has gone high, (i.e hit the front wall, then out on the side, making it your shot as it has hit the front wall already), you can point and raise your hand all you want can't you? It IS your shot after all, and you can do what you'd like. Your not distracting the opponent from hitting the ball, cause it's your shot.

So if it's my shot, and I appeal (by raising my hand/ pointing) if the opponents ball was high, are they aloud to ask for a let for it? (or should they be allowed a let, more precisely?) 

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From rippa rit - 01 Dec 2011 - 08:58

Rule 12 Interference.

This rule would be one of the most contraversial in the game, and not well understood by the squash public, referees or players.

Here is the link to the World Squash Federation, Squash Rules, with explanation of each rule, and also guidelines. 

Decisions can only be made on the interpretation of the rules,. and "common sense" is not a reason for the correct decision.

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From mascon9 - 01 Dec 2011 - 01:26

yeah, free speech always doesn't work. I've seen people getting lets for distraction caused by their opponents' gestures. In fact i remember watching a video of Palmer vs Peter Nicol. Nicol got a let this way coz palmer kept raising his hand during a rally.

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From drop-shot - 06 Jun 2011 - 06:59   -   Updated: 06 Jun 2011 - 06:59

 Indeed, Ray, your answer hit the sweatspot correctly. Agreed here. 

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From sarahcoles - 31 May 2011 - 14:09

 Agree with ray. Indeed a perfect answer. :) 

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From raystrach - 14 Nov 2009 - 11:07   -   Updated: 14 Nov 2009 - 11:08

hi adam

the short answer to your question is no. the long answer is a lot more complicated.

  • if the opponent asks for a let, they were obviously distracted . as always, it is up to the referee to decide the merits of the case.
  • if your opponent has been distracted by your getsure, they are quite entitled to ask for a let.
  • if the referee decides your gesture was a deliberate distration, they can award a stroke against you.
  • just because it is your shot does not mean you did not distract the opponent, although it might have some bearing on the decision making of the referee
  • if you are going to try to point out an apparent wrong line call, making an unobtrusive gesture or making it whilst the opponent is not looking would be the way to go.
  • you are playing with fire if you continue to geticulate throughout a match. the referee would be aware of your concern with calls and would make the call they thought was correct, so pointing out the bleeding obvious would not get you anywhere.
  • in such circumstances it could be construed as deliberate distraction and land a stroke or conduct penalty against you.
  • i know it is pretty hard some times, but it is wise to let the referee do the refereeing. Squash is hard enough without having to referee and play your match, all at the same time.

i am sorry mate, but if you want free speech, you are going to have to go down to the park with your soapbox.

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