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Discovery of the day, p.II

Published: 09 May 2005 - 22:16 by drop-shot

Updated: 09 Dec 2008 - 17:25

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Hello everybody,
It is just to let you know, how important it is to film your game (practice or tournament effort) to see you through the glass. Today I did it for the first time. And I can tell you, it's not the last time I do it...
Now I can see clearly the technic mistakes, my wrong moves, good moves, wrong and good shots. Just in the front of my eyes. And having my coach next to me watching the movie is a big help. Now i understand more from the game and I think I may learn faster on my own mistakes. We decided to make these movies every 10 lessons to see the progree (or regress). Two BIGGEST mistakes of mine: when hitting a volley, I turn the whole body, so the ball falls out (What I should do is a pretty slow move in arms without turning the torso)... And when i bounce on my toes it looks so funny-like I need to piss...
During the conditional game I saw that I do not reciver to the T as often as I should... and many other things ... Back to basics, Slavi, it's a lot to learn still.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From raystrach - 13 May 2005 - 07:16   -   Updated: 09 Dec 2008 - 21:35

look for the continuation of this discussion here:

Ghost in the Court

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From drop-shot - 12 May 2005 - 22:14

Hi Rita :-)
Excuse me, but I don't understand. Boast/Drop/Straight Drive. OK. I start in right back corner (boast). Then drop in left front corner, drive from left front to left back. So I can't repeat this pattern...

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From drop-shot - 12 May 2005 - 04:29


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From rippa rit - 11 May 2005 - 09:04

Slavi - I will try to work with you through this until you get it, or at least improve movement. Of course you will take 30 mins to get set up the first time. So first time, I will pick 2 routines (with similar components that compliment the play), ie lst ghosting routine, Boast (from f/h back area)/Drop/Straight Drive. When you are satisfied or sick of that; 2nd ghosting routine, Boast/Drop/Cross Court Lob. Then, if you are getting the idea repeat on the backhand - so you will need to change the rackets and balls around to suit of course. Take this in little bites, eg
1st bite - move slowly into the correct positions with your feet and body (take a look at the targets), glance at the feet for the striking position and balance, feel the shot through your mind and body;
2nd bite repeat previous, but now think more about getting the racket in position without any jerking about;
3rd bite, do air swings with your racket at each ball position.

Slavi - this will probably be more than enough for one day. Second day, revise what you have done, but get a little faster - keep stopping "dead" every now and then, look at your footwork and racket work, check the backswing, nearness to the ball, recovery into the T enroute to the shots, etc.

This is a pretend rally really, but it is designed especially to address fine tuning the components of play that are done under intense pressure. Think, if you cannot do these movements without pressure, how the hell are you going to do them well when running around like a hairy goat?
If it helps you, no student has ever said "Rita, I really enjoy doing this" and more the reaction is "I feel stupid and cannot do this without a ball"; but, after a week it becomes part of the training routine.

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From drop-shot - 10 May 2005 - 22:19

One question only comes now:
Should I do it like 30 mins? 60?

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From drop-shot - 10 May 2005 - 22:04

Wowsa, you are quick today, Rita.
Well, seriously i do not understand a WORD from your message, but I will go to routines and I will make it step by step. Shame to admit, I have never done any ghosting and even have not seen anybody doing it here ;(

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From rippa rit - 10 May 2005 - 21:48

Slavi - I will try to give you a short answer (impossible for me!). For ghosting drawings, go to the Routines which already have diagrams of play, and pick out 3 consecutive shots. Lie a racket on the floor, sit the ball on top of the strings (as your expected shot position in a real game), and as you move do not run past the racket handle, as that is your anticipated foot position, when you stop to swing. Here is a summary of how it should look:-
..3 Rackets, 3 balls (for 3 consecutive shots), sitting on the floor, purposefully placed. The end of the racket handle to be the foot position.
..Your movement (footwork) is to play a pretend rally executing these 3 shots. You can stop when you get to the racket handle and take a look at your foot positioning, racket positioning, etc that relates to the execution of that shot.
Take your time, and just keep perservering. As you get it right, gradually increase the speed. While running from one position to the other never bring your feet together, move with long comfortable and balanced strides, pay particular attention to the racket movement as well. Once the follow through is completed, a turn of the shoulders should then take the racket automatically into the backswing for the next shot. We are trying to take this "charging" and jerky action out of the racket/body and footwork.

Please make do with this explanation till Ray gets our diagrams organised, and then they will be included in the Menus.

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From drop-shot - 10 May 2005 - 18:55

Hello Rita,
Thanks a bunch for your encouraging words. Yes I am brave enough and stubborn enough and I have a lot of humility to squash, so I thought I have to do it. Of course I felt embarrased watching me with the tongue out trying to get the backhand straight ;-) And believe me, it was worth my effort. Today's game and practice was a hell different. I did not repeat my usual mistakes, I was patient and focus. After today's game we analyzed the DVD film with my coach and he told me all the improvements I made since yesterday, so.... there is only way to become better, to watch yourself. And analyze. And learn.
Thanks for this "Ghosting" hint, would you please extend this topic, with drawings, schemes, etc? Thanks

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From rippa rit - 10 May 2005 - 07:21

Good idea Slavi - at least you were brave enough to go through with this initiative..once I thought I was doing good and took videos of the club practice, and nobody wanted to even look at their play...they just squibbed out feeling embarrassment..silly.
Anyway, I do not know how much ghosting you practice? I suggest you video a ghosting session (firstly start with footwork, then add the swinging of the racket, then add stationary targets placed on the floor) and see if that resembles near perfect movement of body and racket, etc. That is the way to correct these habits. It will feel strange at first, but forget that you feel a fool, without having a ball and racket flying about. Also, the follow up would be to get your friend or coach (standing at the front wall) to call various shots at random (this could be done by pointing to various parts of the court) - whatever works best for you. Smooth movement, fluent racket work. Hey, you can practice this in any open space really if you do not want to pay court hire!

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From drop-shot - 10 May 2005 - 00:00

Hey Vitty,
It will help you a lot, believe me. Camera does not lie, unless you cut and edit the movie to make it look impressive :)
Now I feel I know what is wrong, I am going to write it down and make the strategy for the next few months of my trainings.
About the racket you mentioned - I saw them on the wall at my club. I just laughed as it looks like badminton rackett. But you are right, there are people who play with them ;)

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From vitty - 09 May 2005 - 22:49

Hi Slavi,
good advice,I´m going to do the same thing in near future.Sometimes I feel there is something wrong when I´m playing,but I can´t realize what it exactly is.
Btw - I saw one guy in our league.He is about 60 years old,I think.He played with old-fashioned racquet."Old daddy,what are you doing here,huh ?!" I thought.But I was totally wrong.He played drives,boasts,etc. so EASY,so TIGHT,so NICE! Yes,let´s go back to basics :-)

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