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movement to back corners

Published: 03 Apr 2012 - 09:58 by aprice1985

Updated: 19 Apr 2012 - 18:31

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I know this is a topic that has come up once or twice but I am looking for some opinions on the movement into the back corners.  most of my coaches have told me to basically move straight backwards then once far enough back move sideways and finally lunge in to the ball but recently I was playing someone who basically said the reason there were so many lets was that everyone else steps to the side first then backwards and move back to the T along the half court line, basically the reverse of what I do.

Any thoughts on what the "correct" way to move is, I wonder if I miss a lot of volleys by not stepping accross first and then moving back if the volley isn't on but I know my way of movement gives me the best chance of staying away from the ball and getting it out of the back corners. 

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From markus.readus - 19 Apr 2012 - 18:30   -   Updated: 19 Apr 2012 - 18:31

 All depends a bit on where the ball is going. If I am in the back of the court and choosing a shot to play, I know that my opponent is likely on the T looking to volley, and I know that I also have to give him access to the back of the court if he can't volley. If I slam the ball with all my might to the back (which so many people seem to do), then either he will volley it and I'll be out of possition, or they'll come straight to the back and I'll be in the way. In this situation I (try to) use loads of height to give myself time to recovery the T and prevent my oponent volleying. 

I guess what I'm saying is that interference in the back of the court shouldn't be a problem if players play sensible squash rather than hitting everything really hard. Watch the pros. As for movement into the back corners, it depends on where I think the ball is going. I will try to take the volley if I can, and if I realise at the last minute that I cant, I end up in the back skipping backwards a bit to give myself space to hit. If I know in advance that I don't want to try the volley, I move more down the middle (though not striaght down the middle) and then lunge towards the ball into the corner. 

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From hamburglar - 11 Apr 2012 - 23:42

 it depends what path the ball is taking. of course you should position yourself to move straight to the wall and volley, but that often doesn't happen either because you're late to the ball or because the ball is tight and it's easier to go to the back. therefore your path should sweep to the wall and then to the corner while the opponent is stepping away from the wall and back to the T. 

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From mike - 06 Apr 2012 - 20:50

 Move out at an an angle between the side and back wall, and throw your back leg out on the final step to get behind the ball. The clearing, outgoing player would move more laterally across the back of the court and then forward to the T.


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