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hit the player in the face

Published: 23 Mar 2013 - 06:48 by n2squashnb

Updated: 23 Mar 2013 - 10:59

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today I hit my opponent in the face.  he was wearing impact resistant glasses and was able to carry on,, but I feel absolutely horrible.  

he hit the ball back along the right  side wall into the right corner and then he turned to watch me hit the ball.  I was so intent on getting to the ball that I never noticed him  standing there watching me dig for it. 

he was very good about it, taking time to explain to me the rules on such a thing.  he said that he interfered with my return as my return would have been good.  

so he gave ME the point.  This makes no sense to me.  

I have read the rules about hitting the other player but I don't understand this concept of the hitter  'turning'.

my return was NOT perfectly straight back towards the front wall- it was decidedly more towards the center  as he was standing just a bit off-center.

note to self:    

1.  look to see where the opponent is to make sure you don't hit him.

2. drive the ball back down straight towards the wall.  

3. for me, I am never going to turn around to see if my opponent makes the shot. 

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From mike - 23 Mar 2013 - 10:59

Yeah, it's not a nice feeling to hit your opponent.

About the rules, the thinking goes like this:

  • If you were wreckless or playing dangerously the ref may give you a warning or penalty for this. That's unusual and doesn't describe your situation.
  • If your shot hits the opponent while travelling directly to the front wall it will be a stroke to you. Your opponent has effectively prevented that direct shot by being between the ball and the front wall. This assumes of course that it was an accident. The player isn't "entitled" to hit their oppoent. You are entitled to hit directly to any part of the front wall. The proviso of course is that if you find your opponent in the way you should ask for a Let for safety reasons. It's a judgement issue when you think you can safely play the ball vs asking for a let.
  • If your shot was going to the side wall (and would have been good) this'd be a Let.
  • If your shot hit the opponent, but would not have reached the front wall it's your opponent's point.

Your Note to Self:

1 is Always a good idea. Especially if you're going cross court, be confident that you have room to do so

3 It's a risk/reward thing. Ideally you would always watch your opponent play their shot to know where you have to move. Eyewear might make you feel safer. Depends too on the skill & control your opponent has. Whenever I hit with a first time player I'll never look at them when they are in the back right. The shot is almost always a crazy loose cross court.


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