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Wilson Sting PWS 190g - Is it any good?

Published: 17 May 2013 - 12:52 by mysteryplayerNZ

Updated: 19 May 2013 - 20:22

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I've posted this comment on a couple other sites but nobody can really tell me much.  I recently found a used but in great condition squash racquet at a second hand dealer for $9NZ.  Its a Wilson Sting PWS 190g racquet.  I replaced the grip and had the thing restrung and it looks pretty cool.  I usually play with a Dunlop M-Fill 140 but I started to play with this one and straight away I noticed it hits the ball a lot harder and faster but the vibration is quite bad and I don't find it as accurate.  It does have a smalled sweet spot but I'm confident that won't be an issue the more I use it.... I'm getting a lot of guff from club members because I'm using an "out-dated" racquet when I own a perfectly good Dunlop but that doesn't bother me I'm just interested in the history of the racquet and other peoples experiences with it.

So, has anybody else used a Wilson Sting Series PWS before and what is your opinion on it?  I got told the racquet is about 15-17 years old.  I saw one guy write on another forum how he had fond memories of using his Sting PWS... but that what was it.  The internet has NO info on this thing.

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From rippa rit - 19 May 2013 - 20:22

It will be hard to get any background on a racket that old.  The composition of rackets has changed so much and they have become much lighter and easier to swing.

I coached in the good old days when wooden rackets were in, and fibreglass shafts were in. All of these rackets were heavier, and maybe did not break as easily.

The down side to using the racket:

  • the strings would be loose (they say play 3 times a week, get a restring 3 times a year) - this might account for the inaccuracy of the hit, and also the lack of power if using a squash swing. The weight in the racket will give the power as opposed to technique.
  • the racket is very heavy and if you use a squash swing may get a sore elbow in time
  • most tennis players like the feel of the weight in the racket because they tend to play tennis on the squash court
  • the jarring is probably to do with the small "sweet spot" especially if you hit the ball a little off centre.

Hope this makes sense.


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