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Letting your opponent out from the wall

Published: 20 May 2013 - 19:08 by vanleeuwen

Updated: 20 May 2013 - 19:08

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 I'm noticing a trend at one of the clubs I play at where people are trying to earn strokes off of perfectly executed defensive slow high tight shots up and down the wall.  There's time to clear but the reciever does not give the striker any room to clear creating interference that they would then use to try to justify a stroke.  In fact , I feel that it should be a no let if this is done intentionally as this tactic removes the straight tight defensive shot from the game which I feel should always be an option.   Can you really force me from playing tight shots with this tactic even if I take all the pace off the shot?  Can you pin me against the wall and use your body to prevent me from getting out of the way intentionally?   I think this is terrible sportsmanship but don't know where in the rules this would be covered.   I think the interference section that says if reciever creates the intereference a no let should be awarded.......   Does that apply to this situation?   What prevents a player from using this tactic?  People usually talk about moving the wrong way to the ball.  But here all you have to do is anticipate there shot and follow your opponent into the wall.        Comment please....   Can you force your opponent to hit more cross courts with this tactic?

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