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What is the best ball for a warm court

Published: 25 Jul 2013 - 14:54 by squashnut

Updated: 07 Jan 2015 - 09:56

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I play squash in Palm Desert/Palm Springs, CA area.  Our club is rather warm at about 99 degrees Farenheit.  The ball tends to bounce too fast and come off the back wall to high and far.  We play with a double yellow dot Dunlop ball.  Is there a squashball that is any slower than a Dunlop double yellow?

also which balls are truely non marking balls.  We find that the Dunlops are leaving too many black marks on the walls.  Any recommendations would be hel[ful.   Does Merco or Merko still make softball squashballs, I remember them to have a greenish color to them and felt more plasticy than rubber. Are they still around and where can I get them?

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From whitedog - 07 Jan 2015 - 09:55   -   Updated: 07 Jan 2015 - 09:56

From squashmanmike - 27 Jul 2013 - 06:27

You might consider trying a Green Dot ball, these are used for courts that are at altitude and they approixmate the behavior of a Double Yellow, but down nearer sea levels, they are pretty slow.  Might work in your circumstances, due to the hotness of your courts.  

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From squashnut - 27 Jul 2013 - 03:24

Thanks for your responses to my original post about hot court and non-marking squash balls.

The court is in a shutdown gym that is not officially open for business, so they don't cool it for the few of us.

I will try Karakal brand squash balls, they claim to be non marking, and so does Black Knight balls claim to be.

We are alwys looking for new players here in the Palm Springs/ Palm Desert, CA area, Don't come here for golf any more we do play squash here. Tell a friend to look us up through Loving All Animals charity in Palm desert, CA.  Pete

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From sloejp - 26 Jul 2013 - 14:32

 i think you should get your club to crank up the AC to lower the temperature. it sounds like someone could get heat stroke.

i don't think anything is slower than dunlop double yellow dot. this is what the pros use, so i would stick with it.

i don't think a non-marking squash ball exists. has anyone ever been in a club that didn't have marks on the walls and floor? just clean the courts regularly.

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From rippa rit - 25 Jul 2013 - 17:17   -   Updated: 25 Jul 2013 - 17:19

I have had a discussion with Raystrach on this topic; the main points to think about as we see it:

Only purchase balls from an approved ball manufacturer, ie Dunlop, Karakal, Head. These approved balls would have passed a bounce test as set out in the WSF equipment specifications.

All batches can vary as a squash ball is made up of composite material and reacts to things like heat, cold, humidity, atmosphere, environment.

Environmental changes could help the ball temperature, eg height of the court ceiling, type of roof, roof insulation, solid walls, glass backs, vents/fans around the tin area to assist circulation, where the sun hits the outside walls in the am or pm; air conditioning; fans.

The markings from the ball, if the balls are non-markimg, may be assisted by the heat; courts with a rough finish on the walls, eg besser brick will grab the ball more and also may mark easier than a smooth surface; a smooth surface is easier to clean.

Write to the ball suppliers and ask for a few samples of their balls to trial them.

I hope these comments are of some use and that some adjustments can be made without too much expense.

 Alice Springs in central Australia would have temperatures around 37 or so in the summer and I am sure those courts would adjust their environment to alleviate the heat problems as much as possible. 

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