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Playing in cold weather

Published: 01 Jul 2014 - 17:48 by rippa rit

Updated: 01 Jul 2014 - 17:48

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We are having a cold snap in Oz at the moment and that means the squash ball will be harder to get bouncing.  What is the best way to handle a cold ball?

  • Before commencing the match make sure you have a good hit-up, feel the ball to see if it is warm. If it is go straight into the match without talking, taking your time to get your coat off, etc so the ball stays warm.
  • If you have a few rallies that have little play, eg cannot return the serve, make sure the ball gets struck a few times quite hard or it will be hopeless to play with.
  • When you do get into a rally be patient and do not go for touch shots if the ball is cold. 
  • If your partner does not hit the ball hard and wants to use your pace to poke the ball around you will have to work harder to keep the rally going and the ball warm.

If you have any questions on this just let me know and I might be able to help.


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I am thankful because i read about tactics and other important points for playing squash on this website. 

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