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Just Do It - Or Maybe Not

Published: 03 Feb 2015 - 23:54 by raystrach

Updated: 04 Feb 2015 - 00:02

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It always seems to me that whenever I get around to doing something that I should had done much earlier, there is always a reason why I should not be doing it then, because there is something more important (apparently) to be done.

Time, it seems is in very short supply.

Being my first post for some time, you may or may not be please that that other important thing that I am supposed to be doing, is being left undone for now, or maybe it will just get done an hour later.

Or a week later.

More than likely that those who might have followed these musings some time ago in another age, will have gone on to other things. Maybe like me, it has been so long, they have now gone off those other things and might want to get back to former things.

Well, that's not quite true. Although I have gone onto other things, I am still on the former things, but regularity has suffered - markedly.

This post may well be the turning point. The point at which I realised what I have been missing and, perhaps foolishly, what I have to offer. But don't depend on it.

I think about Squash quite a bit. In future there is bound to be a device which sits on or in your ear, or possibly just under the skin of skull which provides a seamless contstant feed into the website, which, in turn, edits the content and publishes on command.

We will save that for anothe blog.

I may get a little awkward if the content filter stuffs up for some reason - really it is bound to - everything stuffs up at some time. Everyone stuffs up at some time.

Although to listen to some people some times, they a bloody perfect. Yeah right.

And this brings me back to a recurring theme in my thoughts. Squash is life in minature.

It is a look in the mirror and you may not always like what you see.

It is the tonne of coal to which enormous pressure is applied to over time to form a diamond. (That is how it worked on an episode of version of Superman that I saw as a kid).

LIfe condensed by pressure to bring out your best. And unfortunately your worst.

I am silly and naive enough to believe that my best Squash is in front of me and I am stupid enough not to be able to convince myself otherwise.

I do believe than just about anybody is capable of just about anything, so why not?

But things simply do not happen by themselves. It takes work and it takes some smarts. More often than not, a lot of time.

Which brings me back to my original problem.

Keep putting in.

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