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Racket: Tecnifibre Dynergy Max145 or Head I.X. 120

Published: 02 Aug 2016 - 22:41 by aakash_gm

Updated: 02 Aug 2016 - 22:42

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Hi All,

I am currently looking to purchase a new racket. A couple of years ago I used to use a Dunlop racket which was a graphite and titanium combination which I enjoyed using as I felt there was better power delivery. I don't recall the model number as it was a gift and I left it at my parents place after it broke (when my oppponent hit it with his racket!).

My current racket is a Babolat Power XTI (pure graphite series) back from when they used to make squash rackets. Its quite light, but doesn't offer as much power as my old Dunlop used to. I've found that to be a bit of a handicap.

My game is mostly drives to the back of the court. I like to rally till I can work an opening rather than going aggressively for early kills. I don't normally play drops from the back, but have a decent front court game.

I've narrowed my search to the below 2 rackets. The Head one is at the outer limit of my budget, but if it's significantly better than the Tecnifibre I am fine spending the extra 10% on it.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Tecnifibre Dynergy Max 145

Head I.X. 120

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