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Why bother back chatting the ref ?

Published: 06 Jan 2006 - 22:04 by Viper

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 15:11

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Seems counter productive to me, I have not seen a ref reverse due to the pressure of a player, rather I have seen players loose focus as they fret over a point already in history.

Play it, accept it, and move on.

Some players I am sure use it as pure tactics , yes ?

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From Daren - 24 Aug 2006 - 11:58

'whinging at the ref' in squash, is like 'diving' in soccer - PATHETIC! you look like a wanker doing it and lose a lot of respect from the people watching.


Theres nothing worse than when you're watching a good player and you're thinking "wow  he/she is a nice player "


 they lose a point or a decision and turn around and whinge at the ref like theyre gonna cry or something  and you think "oh,  you're a wanker "  I hate that.


Just think - "what would Peter Nicol do?" ...


(dont get me started about people who play for strokes too)


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From rippa rit - 24 Aug 2006 - 07:29

sdbanks - It is hard to generalise about the delaying/chatting. 

When a player is winning, the opponent losing, the winning player always wants to get on with the game while they are "hot" so that does tend to set off a negative dialogue in their head, which can put them off track. 

The reasons for the other player delaying play could be tired, frustrated with their game, trying to put the opponent off by stalling, or it may be a genuine appeal to the Ref.
It is another mental skill to be able to ignore the delay, use the time to benefit your own game, or have some counter-tactic ready for that time during the match. If you have a counter-tactic which the opponent does not like often they will stop the "rot".

Really it is up to the Ref and if you do not have an experienced Referee/Marker to take control it can upset your performance.

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From sdbanks - 24 Aug 2006 - 03:41

I was told by a player that he talked to the ref because he ahd to get his breath back after a hard rally.

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From rippa rit - 07 Jan 2006 - 09:37

Yep - those mature players should be used to this tripe with the Ref being used as an excuse to delay, etc and use it to their advantage.
The sooner squash can get a "Hawk Eye" the better....might shut up these people who want to stall when they are getting frustrated, etc.. look at the tennis that is currently on TV to see what focus is all about....just go off the planet for two seconds and the opponent is in there like Flynn taking the upper hand.

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