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Racket Ball

Racket Ball is played on a squash court in some countries. Some countries do have racket ball courts which are a little wider than a squash court.

If squash is too difficult players may find racket ball easier as the ball bounces more, and is bigger.  The racket ball rackets are shorter than squash rackets and a better size for children.

Racket Ball or Racquetball is not part of the World Squash Federation, however, the game has been adopted by many Sports venues throughout the world. This link give hints and playing videos of the game.


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PSA Squash TV - CIMB Malaysian Open 2012

Australian Racket Ball Rules

NOTE (1)
The rules of squash are to apply except as follows:-

  • Bounce the ball in the service box and strike the ball with an underarm action.
  • Every rally scores a point (i.e., a point is added to the score when the rally is won by either the server or the receiver).
  • The game is played to 15 points unless the score reaches 14 all when it is played to 16.
  • Matches to be best of three games.
  • When the receiver wins the rally he also wins the serve.

 NOTE (2)

  • Lets and penalties are to apply as per the rules of squash.
  • Lines marked on court walls and floor have the same significance as for squash.


  • Service as for singles.
  • Every rally scores a point as for singles.
  • The game is played to 15 or 16 points as for singles.
  • The strikers alternate (Striker 1 is followed by Striker 2,then Striker 3 and Striker 4. Striker 1 and 3 play as a team against 2 and 4).

For more details, refer to the local or National Racquetball Association for further details.  In some countries the rules can vary slightly.


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