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Squash Balls

The following link  will detail the technical aspects of the bounce of the Yellow Dot Ball under various temperature conditions.
Hereunder is a summary of the various coloured dots, eg
  • Super Slow - Yellow Dot
    • This is the official competition ball.  This ball will cool down very quickly particularly if the playing rallies are short, and the temperature is cold.
  • Slow - White or Green Dot
    • This ball is suitable when it is winter, the players are not very experienced, and do not hit the ball particularly hard.
  • Medium - Red Dot
    • This ball is often used by coaches as it tends to be a "constant temperature" and will not vary in bounce as much as the yellow dot ball.
  • Fast - Blue Dot
    • When new players are beginning to gain confidence, and develop hand eye co-ordination, the blue dot will be more suitable and give more time to strike the ball. 
    • This ball, if used by better players, could be dangerous as it will bounce all around the court, out of control to some extent.

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Squash Rackets

  • For social players, school children and beginners the choice of squash racket and ball can be chosen to suit the level of skill.
  • The most important thing to begin with of course is to make the game enjoyable.
  • However, when playing competition there is a standard set by the World Squash Federation.
  •  Here is a summary of the specifications.

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Squash Clothing

Clothing should be comfortable.
  • The clothing regulations for competition are set by the World Squash Federation. This link covers accessories including  shoes, jewellery, etc.
  • Some clothing worn, including trac suits and  sponsorship advertising  may be written into the tournament terms and conditions and be intrepreted by the Tournament Controller.
  • Any colours can be worn for headbands, wristbands, eyewear, shorts, shirt.
  • The ettiquette of the game requires that men wear a shirt or singlet, as perspiration can be offensive to other players.
  • Can be of any colour and must have a non-marking sole.
  • Squashgame recommend playing squash in an Indoor Court Shoe. 

Protective Eyewear

  •  Recommended eye guards are those that have undergone stringent testing and have been passed as suitable for squash by the National Standards Associations for Racquet Sport Eye Protection of Canada, England, Australia and the United States.
  • For more information on eyewear

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