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Ball Skill Development


Get a "feel" for the ball!

  • Racket sports involve judging the speed of the hit, the height of the hit, the force applied, all elements that assist the anticipated movement to the ball.
  • Rebounding, whether it be from a wall, or off the opponent's racket/bat, is a necessary element for judging and anticipating, and an imperative part of getting a "feel" of the hit.
  • Once having gained some confidence with the rebounding by bouncing the ball, then progress to volley rebounding drills which will increase the awareness and help reading the cues given by the opponent.

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Roll the Ball into a target

Bounce the ball to hit
Rolling Skills
Depending on the age of the children, start off with a large ball and a small distance between the target.
As the children become more accurate change the skill by changing the ball, and increasing the distance from the target.  

In pairs children sit, legs apart to form a barrier, roll the ball to each other.

Rebounding - Roll the ball to rebound back off a wall.                                                                

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An Easy way to Start the Hitting
Drive the ball into a target
Hold the racket, hit the ball
Continually pat the ball
Continual driving into a target
Forehand volley ball toss

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Bounce and Catch

Backhand Wall Pats
In Pairs
  •  Face each other,  bounce and catch the ball.
  • Bounce the ball to each other.
Use a wall
Throw the ball against the wall and catch.
Hit the ball to the wall with your hand.

Form a circle:
  • One person in the center, bounce the ball for each to catch and throw.

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Continuously hit the ball into a target
Controlled hits moving back
Backhand Wall Pats

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Bounce and Catch Ball on the Racket

These drills when completed successfully repeatedly show that finesse is developing in the touch.

In Pairs
Working with a partner to repeatedly perform these drill requires judgment, accuracy, and a "feel" for the speed of the hit.
  • Bounce the ball for your partner to catch on the racket.
  • Bounce the ball for your partner to hit up a catch for you.
  • Rally against a wall.
  • Rally to each other over a net or rope about 30cm above the ground.
  • Form 2 lines - one line has the ball, one line has the bat/racket.
  • Form pairs, start with bouncing the ball to each other, then progress to throwing the ball on the full.

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Ball Games

Group ball games:

  • Tunnell Ball
  • Leader Ball
  • Pass the Ball
  • Race the Ball
  • Guard It

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Kicking Games

Kicking games help movement, as well as develop co-ordination.

By kicking the ball onto a ball, before kicking it to your partner, will develop rebounding skills.

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Hitting Games

Indoor hockey with paper stick

All hitting games will develop agility, movement, judgement, anticipation, and hand eye co-ordination skills, eg

  • Indoor Hockey.
  • Hitting and Catching
  • Hitting the ball onto a wall



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Control the Throw
Play Hockey with rolled up newspaper for safety

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