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Playing SWOT - The Game for Everyone

 Swot for fun and fitness:
  • Swot is a game that can be played at three levels:
    • Mod Swot,
    • Mini Swot,
    • SWOT.
  • It is a game played between two people hitting the ball against a wall.  It teaches spatial and body awareness, rebounding skills, and motor skills.
  • The skills progress through the use of different balls.  As the game gets more difficult, the ball will bounce further back into the court and require a little more racket skill and fitness.
  • The game is for children, although adults who find some racket sports too difficult, because of:
  • Age
  • Poor hand/eye coordination.
  • Fitness
  • Racket skills
  • Weight
  • Awkwardness
  • Agility
            can enjoy to play.
  • Children and parents will find it easy and enjoyable to play as a family and keep coming back for more. 
  • The SWOT program enables participant's to choose the rules and equipment, providing a progression at their own pace, leadng to success
  • The aim of the game to simply hit the ball one more time than your opponent.

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Mini Swot  at a  school
Mini Swot can be played against a brick wall in the garage, school covered-way, or squash court.
Mini Swot Rules
  • Stand anywhere to serve onto the wall.
  • Bounce the ball to serve or project the ball off the racket.
  • Serve to go about 2m high.
  • 2 Serves each from alternate sides.
  • Use one wall only.
  • Hit the ball on any bounce.
  • If played at a squash court, behind the "short line" is out.
  • Every point counts.
  • First to 10 points wins.

More Pics...

Bounce the ball to each other
Throw Bounce & Catch the Ball on the Racket
Shake Hands with the Racket and Hit
Catch the Ball on the Racket
Continually Bounce the Ball on the Racket

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Mod Swot - using a squash court
  • Mod Swot is played using three walls.
  • A squash court is an ideal venue.
  • The ball used will need to bounce further back in the court, and bounce at least past the "short line".
Mod Swot Rules
  • Stand behind the "short line" to serve.
  • One foot in the Service Box to serve.
  • Serve above the "cut line".
  • Serve to land in the opposite half court.
  • Bounce the ball to serve or serve out of the hand.
  • Balls must be hit on the first bounce or volleyed.
  • Every point counts.
  • First to 10 points wins.

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  • Swot is a lead up game to squash. 
  • The ball is bigger, and the racket not quite so long, making it easier to hit.
  • The game is best played on a squash court, where all the walls can be used.
  • Since squash is fast, has a small ball, that travels very quickly, it may be necessary to build up the skills to enjoy playing squash.
Swot Rules
  • One foot in the Service Box to Serve
  • Throw the ball up to Serve
  • The Serve to hit the front wall and land above the "cutline".
  • The Serve to land in the opposite Half Court.
  • Serve from alternate boxes.
  • The ball must be hit on the first bounce or volleyed.
  • Every point counts.
  • First to 10 points wns.

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Improving your skills with drills

Bounce the ball to hit
  • Since squash is a game that involves judging the ball rebounding off a wall it is imperative to get the "feel" of the rebound.
  • Once having gained some confidence with the rebounding by bouncing the ball, then progress to volley rebounding drills.

More Pics...

Sit the ball on the racket to start off
Aim for the target
Continually hit the ball at the target
Forehand Pat
Forehand Wall Pats
Grip the Racket and Hit Forehand
Ghosting movements to groove in the footwork and swing
Ball Toss

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How to improve your game

  • Hit/kick the ball away from your opponent.
  • Hit/kick the ball into defined areas.
  • Make your opponent run/keep on the move.
  • Eliminate errors.
  • Practice often

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