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Good Soreness

Published: 24 Jan 2006 - 07:38 by raystrach

Updated: 24 Jan 2006 - 07:38

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When I laid down on my pillow last night (or more accurately, earlier this morning) I felt a soreness in my shoulders - a smile came to my face. Why would I smile from having soreness?

The reason for the smile was the unmistakable feeling of "good" soreness. That is, soreness that is the result of training which does not involve injury, but one which leads to the training effect.

Earlier in the day I decided to structure my swim slightly differently. Because I only did one swim last week, I was loathe to increase the distance, so as a compromise, I broke the swim into 50 blocks (about a minute each, more like the length of a Squash rally)and make it all freestyle. These 50m blocks were done on a 2 minute interval (about 60s break in between lengths)

Because of this, I found my biggest weakness was muscular endurance or lack of it. The slight soreness meant that i got the balance just about right.

Apart from the swim, took it pretty easy after a pretty active weekend.

Morning and Evening walk
The usual with more affirmations in the morning

Morning Swim
10 x 50 m freestyle at 2 minute intervals - i could not have gone much harder.
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