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Ready for Another Week

Published: 29 Jan 2006 - 23:32 by raystrach

Updated: 29 Jan 2006 - 23:32

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Been away from the computer for a couple of days but have spent time thinking about the plateau that I have reached. It is a common experience, but one that takes a while to recognise. The events and discussions of the past week has brought this home to me.

To some extent, the realisation  that what i am going through is a plateau is comforting. It means that  it is normal. It means that I (and many others) have gone though it many times. It should reduce some of the frustration that I have been feeling in not being able to break through to the next level. This frustration, in itself, is an impediment to improvement.

It is now time to focus strongly on the basics, watching the ball, hitting deep, attacking when possible staying calm and of course, having strong self belief. The breakthrough will come, but only with hard work and determination.

Eventually the break will come, the win against a better player and the improvement cycle will start again.

General Physical Activity
Had some walks, swam a little, did some exercises over the past couple of days

Played a practice game today as well as doing some drills . Focussed hard on watching the ball carefully and watching intently for cues so that I can move early
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