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Help me with my 6 golden rules to better squash

Published: 27 Jul 2006 - 17:41 by Viper

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 15:15

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I am trying to build a short list of golden rules to improve my game, free to critque or add some golden rules of squash


1. Serve

Take the time to develop a variety of consistent tight serves so your opponent is put under pressure from the outset.

2. Return of Serve

Develop a very reliable return of serve that will send your opponent to the back of the court and give you the T and control of the rally.

 3. Length

Develop a stroke that will deliver consistent good length

4. Control the T

Strive to control the T, ensure you return to the T after each shot.

5. Court movement.

Become adept at moving around the court with the least effort as possible.

6. Recognise your weakness

Understand the weakness in your game and work hard to improve them.

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From rippa rit - 10 Aug 2006 - 14:53   -   Updated: 10 Aug 2006 - 14:55

Viper, which one/ones of your Golden Rules are you working on this week?
How many times did you have to practice before you were happy with the result?
Did you perform better in your comp match as a result?
What did you do differently, to what you had been doing previously?
How many  Golden Rules are you implementing at the same time?

If RayStrach can have a blog well so can you!

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From rippa rit - 28 Jul 2006 - 08:14

Viper - I guess what I am trying to get through to you in what I have said is:-
  • For every  cue/realisation there is a  a process involved. 
  • Cues by themselves do not win matches.
Can I put this another way which I am sure you can relate to, eg "I am always broke".  So that is the cue to do something about the situation.  The statement does show the realisation, which is the first step; however, it is the process which will bring the outcome.

Viper, is this too deep and meaningful

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From Viper - 27 Jul 2006 - 21:16

Thanks, that link does help.

I guess I am trying to cement in my head a few abreviated cues that I can work on in practice, so they enventually become automatic during play.

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From rippa rit - 27 Jul 2006 - 20:41

Viper what about the contents of the 10 Fundamentals for your reference.
Remember with each point you mentioned, it is necessary to search for ways of training so you can gradually introduce  those points into your game. For example, your point 4:
  • How can I get to the T?
  •  What do I need to do?
  •  What shots do I need to play?
Then going a step further,
  • How can I get to the T when I am forced behind the player?
  •  How can I get to the T when I am forced into the front corners?
  • How can I get to the T when returning a lob serve?

Etc etc. 
Hope this helps.

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