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How weak is the depth in womens pro squash ?

Published: 04 Oct 2006 - 17:38 by Viper

Updated: 08 Oct 2006 - 10:32

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A well retired sarah Fitz steps in and smacks the world number 23 Lauren Briggs and only gives away 5 points !squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From raystrach - 08 Oct 2006 - 10:32

the big problem with women's squash is the lack of money in it. unless you have big dollars behind you, it is very hard to gain the experience and match play to progress in the rankings past a certain point.

it is the classic catch 22

from personal experience, having coached an athlete who got to wr 30, by that stage she was so deep in debt it was impossible for her to continue. she was not the type to fit in into an institute type program (eg ais in australia) so it had to come out of her own pocket. there is no doubt in my mind that was she to continue, she would have made it to near the top.

it is slightly easier for girls from europe and to a lesser extent, the us. you need to be consistantly in the main draw to have any chance of breaking even because your accommodation is normally taken care of so all you have to worry about is travel. even then it is a struggle. in some ways, being on tour for the lesser girls is a lifestyle.  so i don't think it is the girls themselves but the system that they are operating in.

in the last couple of years the men's tour has become more even due to the fact that more are able to make a living out of it. it is the same in nearly all the "minor " sports where the top few dominate.

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From Viper - 07 Oct 2006 - 11:24

Quote :

"Falls away after 10 spot in the ranking"


Then what on earth is the point of spot say 30 to 186 on the rankings for  ?

Awlful lot of padding there I feel.

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From rippa rit - 06 Oct 2006 - 16:26

Viper - I am just taking a guess from past knowledge - women's squash falls away dramatically after No. 10 spot on the rankings, and I guess that would go for the Club, State and National rankings too.

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