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How to make social practice sessions pay off ??

Published: 25 Oct 2006 - 21:57 by Viper

Updated: 26 Sep 2008 - 08:53

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I am trying to make the most of my social sessions as real training for hard pennant matches, I tend to play a mix of skill levels at any session, the weaker players I get them to play half court games. ie I have to always hit long and they can hit anything, etc

The stronger players I try to to stay in the rallies and increase the number of points I might get off them.


Any other tips ? especially against players I have to hit with who are weaker ?



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From rippa rit - 28 Oct 2006 - 08:46

Viper a way to be organised when training would be to pick a theme and that gives the purpose, maybe based on a previous match, eg
  • Fitness - keep the rally going, and do not go for the shots until after say 6 hits. Don't talk between points, limit the time between games.
  • Power - rally really hard to length for several points, and then play out the point.
  • Placement - in reply to a drop is a lob; in reply to a boast is a drop.
  • Attack - try to cut off every ball before it hits the back wall (volley or volley boast).
  • Make opponent run - play short/long.

Anyway that gives you a few other ways of going about your planning.

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From msc - 28 Oct 2006 - 00:52

I notice the JP DVD has one drill with him trying to make every shot to one nominated back corner of the court (not two) - I imagine that is a tough way to play but teaches you to analyse your approach to the ball to get it to where you want. You could make this the rule of your game (opponent can hit anything)

Also you could play a game where you can only hit straight length (no crosscourts); sure your opponent will know where the ball is going but if the game is to benefit your progress its your challenge to get that straight drive past him/her using pace change, changing height on front wall, hitting as closely to the wall as possible (you could even mark "corridors" where your ball must land or travel in if you are to score a point from it.

To help court movement you could also mark a box on the floor of the court with coloured tape. Basically the box sits 3-4 feet inside of the current court floor dimensions (if is a court has 9mx5m (guessing) of court space, your box will make it 7mx3m. If you step outside the box (between the tape and the wall) on any shot you lose that rally...

Don't forget the old handicap game too where you might start the game at a negative score - or your opponent can start at a positive score (if your opponents ego can handle you coming back all the time to beat them - you have to change the handicap start if it is too easy for you!)

Some ideas anyway...!! Have fun!

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From missing_record1 - 26 Oct 2006 - 00:21

Half court games are much better I think when you throw in the rule that each player must touch or stand at the T after every shot -- that way the weaker guy doesn't just park himself in the back of the court knowing the ball will be deep. Against weaker players I like playing a game where I can't let the ball hit the back wall or I lose the point, or another where I have to stand a foot in front of the T when they hit the shot. Those can be really tough, especially if you add the half court restriction as well.  I generally don't like games that restrict the shots you hit, but prefer ones that make it harder for the better player to hit all the shots. You could play a game where after every shot the better player has to run and touch the back wall, or do a push-up, or something else to make his job harder. A lot depends on how much worse (or better) your opponent is.

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