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When you next re-grip

Published: 09 Jan 2007 - 07:35 by SamBWFC

Updated: 10 Jan 2007 - 07:54

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Just thought I'd share a tip with you all with what I've done when I re-gripped my racket earlier today.


I decided to wrap around the shaft a little, in order to make my grip longer, so that when it comes to digging out the back corners I can move my hand higher up the racket and get it out.


There's a few guys in my club who hold their racket almost full-on the shaft when returning a back corner shot, so I thought by gripping up there slightly would help, and it has done.

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From rippa rit - 10 Jan 2007 - 07:54

I must be missing something here about these back corners. Is this what we are deliberating about?

  • So if the ball is low and tight in the back corner (there ain't much room to swing) and it is necessary to boast the ball, or you might just manage to deceive with a straight shot by shortening the lever (grip on the shaft), that makes sense.  Yes, and I love to see the opponent covering a boast and they have to turn-tail and run back to retrieve the straight shot.!
  • Alternatively, if the ball bounces out well enough off the back wall to drive, and you need to get leverage for power (the corner and the floor is not a problem); and decide to return the ball back to length (the back corner), it is better to have a longer lever.
The skill with the re-gripping is to know when to use the shaft as a lever for more power, when to let the grip slide down to attain more length to reach the ball, when to have a stable wrist action for more control.

If you are at all confused about the regripping, just get on the court by yourself, throw little dinky shots into the back corner and dig 'em out using the 3 re-gripping ideas, and you will see what works best.  Then throw a few balls to bounce off the back wall that can be driven, and try to hit length with the 3 re-gripping methods, and that will be fairly self-explanatory too.  Also the wrist will come into this equation as well.

These things are really advanced skills.  If you cannot do the conventional shots from these positions on court I would not get too hung up about the regripping stuff.

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From Adz - 09 Jan 2007 - 21:27

I remember as a junior, my coach used to tell us to use the entire shaft of the racquet to get the balls out of the back corners. It's a useful thing to be able to do. Unfortunately I can't personally get on with having a grip all or half way up the racquet shaft. I find it unbalances the racquet too much and my swing goes a little haywire.

One thing I have done recently is return to a much thinner grip to enhance the touch shots. This coupled with a change of string enables me to keep my power but gain more touch. It really is amazing how much difference a correct grip and good strings can make to your game!



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