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Published: 22 Jan 2007 - 13:54 by raystrach

Updated: 18 Jul 2010 - 15:56

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My actual Squash game is taking such a back seat to some of my other activities at present that for the next few weeks at least, I will tell you a little about what is happening in my Squash world. Although it is not totally devoid of Squash, I am putting so much energy into other Squash and sport related projects my Squash is not exactly setting the world on fire.

As many regular readers would know, I have been involved at many different levels of Squash, these days mainly in developing on line systems. And while is an important part of what I am doing, an even more important project is Smart Space.

Smart Space is aimed not just at Squash, but it has been my almost total motivation for its development. As long as 13  years ago I realised that, at least in Australia, Squash needed a model to work to. As I progressed my ideas, it became more apparent that this model needed to have a very tight structure for its implementation.

As the Squash industry in Australia has become less and less profitable, Squash venue operators are more likely to be enthusiasts rather than highly profit driven business people. Whilst one might think this is a good thing, it is actually counter productive.

The hard working enthusiasts which run many Squash centres in Australia, bust their guts day in day out, but in doing so can often miss the forest for the trees. They are usually working too  many hours, usually grossly under capitalised and as such, simply survive from week to week.

Because of this, and for other reasons I will expand on on another occasion,  they find it very hard to recruit new customers, new customers they desperately need to make their business more profitable. Paradoxically, many will say (and it has been said to me by many squash venue operators)  "New Customers? - I don't have time to service new customers!" .

And there is the rub. All of us in the Squash industry have to look at things in a new light, with fresh eyes. The inward looking culture is incredibly ingrained and must be changed. Things can change for the better, but first every one in Squash must start to accept changesquash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From raystrach - 18 Jul 2010 - 15:54   -   Updated: 18 Jul 2010 - 15:56

hi jberry

not sure sure if i can help you, but i am certainly willing to listen to what info/assistance you might need. i certainly could help with some aspects of the running of a squash/sports venue and i do have a lot of contacts.

contact me off forum by clicking this link

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From jberry - 17 Jul 2010 - 13:11


John Berry here my wife and I are in conversation with an investor / business couple who are very serious about building a sports facility in northern NSW. The centre is in a high population area and is expected to be a good profitable business.    

It is definately going ahead and the intention is to incorporate 8 squash courts with gymnasium tennis courts, existing olympic pool, pro shop servicing existing golf course (and most likely the other sports as well)

We need to get a handle on the cost to build squash courts, ensure built to correct specifications, we want to incorporate high tech facilities to attract international players, coaches, video/tv facilities, viewing gallery etc but the $ is obviously important - is anyone able to assist.


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From Viper - 22 Jan 2007 - 15:03

 Change = hear hear (clap)


You talk sense Ray, unfortnately I think it may take a generational change in the people running squash venues, a younger more technology  savy type is required, that is assuming the courts  survive !

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