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your resting heart rate

Published: 06 Feb 2007 - 12:01 by squash36

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 16:13

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i have been doing alot of work with heart rates and i think my resting heart rate isn't that bad at 40 but i'd like to know what other players resting heart rates are to compare

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From SuperSage666 - 09 Feb 2007 - 22:39   -   Updated: 09 Feb 2007 - 22:40

uh, er, no Adz,

Takes a while to return to resting rate (about 2 minutes).  I know that's not good.

Also it averages around 140 for the hour in a hard match, once got up to 170 but that really was a hard rally that I thought was gonna finish me off.


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From Adz - 09 Feb 2007 - 00:45


Sagey's is similar to mine.

Sagey: Did your pulse return to resting point really quickly after you stopped moving? And what did it average over the course of an hour playing?

I may not be such a one-off freak after all!!!


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From SuperSage666 - 08 Feb 2007 - 21:53

Mine aint so good: sits around 90 bpm resting and gets to about 160 to 170 on the court, but that was last year, I'm less fit than that now, but my heart monitor has broken so I can only guess what my on-court rate is now. I also have diminished lung capacity since my pneumonia attack a couple of years ago. I used to be able to play hard for three hours, how after one match I'm tired.


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From nickhitter - 07 Feb 2007 - 23:20

Mine is 43. If  i take it first thing in a morning as I'm waking up and breathe really slow it gets to around 38 lowest. it has gone as high as 200 when playing a really tough game, or when running at high pace on the treadmill. but generally it's around 160 when playing.

I struggle with fitness compared to other sportsmen though because of below average lung function.

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From gregzilla - 07 Feb 2007 - 03:20

40 bpm.  Can get it below 40 if I concentrate ;).  140-190 while playing squash.

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From Adz - 06 Feb 2007 - 19:34

Mine is resting around 90-100 and averages around 130-150 during a squash match with peaks up to 180.


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From stevo - 06 Feb 2007 - 13:22

I have seen it go below 40 but it was a few years ago when I was training for some 10K runs. I haven't checked recently.

My heart rate gets up to about 180 playing squash.

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From hamburglar - 06 Feb 2007 - 13:11   -   Updated: 07 Feb 2007 - 09:23

60 resting. 140-180 while playing squash. 40 is pretty good. Lance Armstrong says his resting rate is 30

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