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Forgetting marketing guff, do "sports" drinks work

Published: 08 Jun 2007 - 09:52 by Viper

Updated: 22 Jul 2007 - 15:02

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I have always loaded up with lots of water between games, is there any real eveidence modern "sports" drinks are any better ?squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From rippa rit - 22 Jul 2007 - 08:28   -   Updated: 22 Jul 2007 - 15:02

In Oz we have a weekly TV program "What's Good For You" conducted by a medico and this is the link to the archived topics, eg "Let us see if sports drinks can help us retain more fluid than water?"

Take a read.

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From drop-shot - 22 Jul 2007 - 03:16   -   Updated: 22 Jul 2007 - 03:16

Whatever "smart books" are saying, I truly agree with Viper. Plain water is good enough. I am a bit worried that all those Powerade/ Isostars are over-promised. In that case, I prefer to use simple vitamins or REAL ISOTONIC equivalents of diet (The same as you give to infants).

I feel that it's far more important to eat well before the games than to drink "special" liquids :) so here's to echo my friend, Arthur Price

P.S. To Adam and his link - I bet you do not believe in that. Loss of 2% of water from your body causes huge health dangers for you... Think about that - 80% of your body weight is water than count 2% of that. You better drink ca. 1,5 liters of plain water per day to keep your body in perfect condition. If you drink coffee or alcohol, increase that amount. Then, you better add some Calcium and Magnesium.

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From SamBWFC - 22 Jul 2007 - 02:16

This is an interesting topic, I don't know much on this so keep the opinions and facts coming!

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From paul01323 - 09 Jun 2007 - 06:16

Over the years I've found drinking 50% water, 50% isotonic drink and eating bananas is the best way to keep hydrated and keep energy levels up

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From aprice1985 - 08 Jun 2007 - 19:51

Hi, this is a brilliant article but one point from it that was not picked up was that it does say,
  1. "If you are going to be exercising for less than 60 minutes, do not worry about including carbohydrate in your drink; plain water is fine. For exercise that is more prolonged you will want the carbohydrate. "

The only point i would make is that most of the body's energy is actually stored as fat not glycogen, especially in those who are not pro atheletes!  In generaly when you start exercise you use the free glucose then glycogen and then fat is metabolised as it takes time for it to be converted to a usable form so most people have alot more energy available than this suggests. 

Personally i hate orange squash and don't feel it is always the best way to make drinks, i too myy guidance from the technique of oral rehydration therapy used for diarrhoea!  It is about 8 teaspoons of sugar, i teaspoon of salt and a glass of pure orange for other minerals to 1litre of water.  This generally gives enough for me to feel alright after a match.  I get headaches if i dont rehydrate enough!  I would suggest that for energy eating right prior to a game is probably more important than the drinks during it, time your food right and eat the right stuff and there should be energy available, if desperate i have relied on a mars bar half an hour prior to playing but a larger meal needs longer trust me!

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From adam_pberes - 08 Jun 2007 - 17:40

I normally drink my homemade stuff.(same as stuff one site except) something in between hypo and iso,,, 300ml of concentrate, I dont really know if its any better, but It seems to do me well and has no apparent bad effects.


Or I drink some drink which the club buys. "vigorade" I try not to,, its good and all... But it seems to be really addictive for me. I hear the place that sells vigorade is sydney somewher... 

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From Viper - 08 Jun 2007 - 16:27

Thanks adam, what do you drink btw ?

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From adam_pberes - 08 Jun 2007 - 16:21

Okay, I've always known this site, And it will explain super thoroughly.


What's wrong with water?

Drinking plain water causes bloating, suppresses thirst and thus further drinking. A poor choice where high fluid intake is required. Water contains no carbohydrate or electrolytes.


seriously, check the above site. Great explanation.

I know this is a shameless plug.


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