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Vertical Backswing and Other Mysteries

Published: 31 Oct 2004 - 00:00 by kristi

Updated: 03 Nov 2004 - 00:29

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I'm doing an assignment on squash skills and techniques. Was wondering if you could help me with a few questions as i couldn't find them on your website, or any other internet references.

I was wondering what you understand by the term verticle backswing and what advantages it would be in a squash situation?

And why is it an advantage to play the ball deep, close to the side wall and to volley whenever possible?

If you would be able to answer these questions for me, that would be very much appreciated!! Thank you for your time.

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From rippa rit - 03 Nov 2004 - 00:29

The backswing in the Library Photos, we agree, do look vertical; however, the important point to be noted in the backswing is the angle of the racket head/face, at the top of the swing. It is the backswing that forms the preparation for the downswing.

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From raystrach - 02 Nov 2004 - 00:07


Rita and I have spoken about this and agreed that the best way to approach this is to refer you to a few photos in the library.
1. Strokes and Movement - Boast - details of the stroke
2. Volley - basic volley technique

The advantage of a swing like this is that:
>The swing is quite compact and not 'excessive' under the rules
>The top of the backswing is far enough away from the contact point to generate plenty of racket head speed needed for power
>The racket is prepared early to help produce a controlled shot
>Because it is well prepared, you could make a volley or a quick reflex shot.

Also note the open racket face which is vital to producing a good shot consistently.

I hope this answers the question. Let me know!

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From kristi - 01 Nov 2004 - 02:28

I have an assignment : 'what do you understand by the term verticle backswing and what are it's advantages in the squash situations". Does that make things clearer?

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From rippa rit - 31 Oct 2004 - 00:05

Thanks for your question kristi.

Vertical backswing is not a term that I am familiar with, but if you browse through the "Strokes and Movement" section of the library, you will see many strokes which appear to have a vertical backswing. Perhaps you could clarify what you are looking for.

Re tactics: If you look in the Library - Squash Tactics, you will see that by using the side wall and the corners you get your opponent away from the centre of the court which allows you to go the "T" and control the rally. It is also difficult to ge t side wall and back corner shots back in play.

Volleying usually means your opponent is put under pressure and not quite prepared for the next shot.

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