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sports injuries

Published: 01 Oct 2007 - 19:39 by suchen17

Updated: 02 Oct 2007 - 08:46

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sports injuries are common. no injuries, means no sports, right? is the process

always warm-up before any exercise.  if any injuries, seek for your local physician for faster recovery

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From rippa rit - 02 Oct 2007 - 08:46

I would recommend fitness for life as a motto.

Yes, sport can cause injuries, no more injuries than being a couch potato though, as they get injured just getting out of the chair.!!

Some sports are harder on some parts of the body than others, depending if it is a contact sport, individual sport, team sport.

There are safety guidelines for all sports, see our Safety and Game Preparation section, and provided those are adhered to a player can enjoy many years of good squash. For all sports any pre-existing medical condition should be addressed and respected after consultation with the General Practitioner.

Depending on the severity of the injury of course, though most minor sprains can be greatly assisted by the immediate treatment of the RICE rules (rest/ice/compression/elevation), and if it persists firstly consult a Physiotherapist, and take it from there. 

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Hi, this is my first post on the site. It's good to site a forum with lots of good information!

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