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Extra line in service box?

Published: 26 Oct 2007 - 09:46 by mike

Updated: 26 Oct 2007 - 15:25

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Watching the 2007 British Open I noticed an extra line on the inside of the service box, about a third of the way in.

What's the purpose of this line? Should I be concerned that I don't have this line? Will my drop shots hit the tin and my lobs go out without it?
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From mike - 26 Oct 2007 - 15:25

ah ok. So in doubles mode the inner-line would become the new edge of the service box?

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From stevo - 26 Oct 2007 - 15:18

The extra line is the service box for doubles. The walls of that court move out slighty so that it can become a doubles court.

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From rippa rit - 26 Oct 2007 - 10:17

I just flicked across to some u-tube stuff and can see a line down the service box, which could be from some sort of training session, and certainly I would like my players to keep the ball inside that line for tight and deep!!

Other thought could be a join in the flooring so the tape is used to smooth up the edges?

Don't worry Mike if your drives keep that distance from the wall that is OK!! - if they go on the wrong side of the tape it could mean a penalty, eg 10 push ups...oops!

I like lines and targets for training purposes.

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