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Lower Back Stretch

Lower Back Stretch

Published: 14 Dec 2004 - 18:30 by rippa rit

Updated: 11 Dec 2008 - 14:03

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Ever get a stiff back after playing squash? Stretching before and after playing will help keep the muscles flexible and therefore less strain on the spine.  We do take our bodies for granted.

But, DON'T take your back for granted, coming from one who knows well.  Be sure to:

  • Bend from the knees and keep the back in a straight line will put less pressure on the vertebrae and joints.
  • For those who want to train the quick twitch muscles, to gain more speed, short/sharp court sprints are recommenced. However, when court sprinting, carry your racket to touch down as you turn at each end of the court. It is not recommended bending lower than the knees (touching the floor).
  • Stretching can appear to have a negative result when in fact it is the technique that is incorrect.

If the problem persists consult a Sports Physiotherapist.

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From mike - 09 Dec 2008 - 22:30

since this article has jumped up I thought I might mention that I found core strength exercises to be very helpful in resolving my lower back soreness which would flare up massively after playing squash.

I had been doing physio prescribed stretches for more than 6 weeks with little improvement (squash would always set things back), but a week of various holds for core strength and things are much better. I'm not completely cured, but I can play without getting sore, not to mention pick things up and put pants on without pain

I highly recommend core strength.

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From rippa rit - 21 Sep 2008 - 22:13

hamburgl - here is a link describing psoas which is what you are on about.. I concur squash players do suffer from this tightness with all the low movement, twisting and bending required to get down into the corners to retrieve the ball.

Oops I see you had a link in your original post, so I will go highlight it.

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From hamburglar - 21 Sep 2008 - 21:16   -   Updated: 21 Sep 2008 - 21:16

The psoas connects to the back, but it runs from the front to the back. you can massage psoas muscles right above your front hip bone, or slightly above that in the abdomen. Tight psoas muscles can also affect digestion.

in extreme cases is will also pull on the hip flexor.

Posture is always important. Slouching or a hunched posture is almost always indicative of frontal muscles pulling the body forward.

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From mike - 19 Sep 2008 - 11:08

Backs are bad. My last 3 matches have been effected by a stiff back. It really takes away your speed and buggers up court movement.

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From aprice1985 - 19 Sep 2008 - 08:35

I hate to say this but psoas is in the back, runs from lumbar vertebrae to the lesser trochanter of femur, interestingly it shadow can allegedly be seen on xray and you can get nasty infective abscesses track down it.  The article you link to is good but the exercise it shows at the bottom is clearly a lower back strech.  everyone should be aware of the importance of posture, as i am now finding out, poor neck posture   is involved in causing my headaches!

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From hamburglar - 18 Sep 2008 - 23:24   -   Updated: 21 Sep 2008 - 22:16

Back soreness is often not due to tight muscles in the back. Therefore that stretch pictured above will have no lasting effects. Most often, lower back pain is due to tight psoas muscles in your front/abdomen. Very common due to sitting at a desk, overusing stomach muscles. Other times it can be due to upper back/neck issues. Stretch your front!

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