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Beginner service question

Published: 15 Nov 2007 - 01:31 by badjojo

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 17:17

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I'm a beginner, and I looked everywhere but could not manage to find a response to the following question about service rules:

what happens if the ball hits the front wall, and then the back wall (under the 2 meters-and-something out line) before hitting the floor  (in the right square of course)? does the fact that the back wall was touched make the service invalid?

Is the service valid if the ball hits the front wall, the lateral wall and then the backwall before hitting the floor at the right place?

Cause I understood every rule concerning service, squares limits, front and lateral walls, but nothing was said about back wall...

It would be really great if one of you was kind enough to bring me this infomation!

Many thanks in advance ;-)





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From badjojo - 16 Nov 2007 - 20:33

Ok thank you Mike for the piece of advice!

I have now watched some video tutorials in which service is explained (where to hit the wall, which gesture to use amongst 5 or 6, etc...). And since I always played against beginners, I realise that even if we have fun, the way we play is all wrong ;-)

But now, I know that hitting the back wall is legal, even if it's not recommended!

Thank you!


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From mike - 16 Nov 2007 - 11:02

Tactically speaking it's usually a bad idea to hit the back wall before the floor. The ball will bounce out and give your opponent plenty of room to hit their shot of choice.

As far as the rules are concerned though, it's absolutely fine (as Ray says).

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From badjojo - 15 Nov 2007 - 02:38   -   Updated: 15 Nov 2007 - 02:39

thank you very much, raystrach, for having responded so quickly! your answer is very clear, and I think I can now play with peace of mind ;-)

PS: sorry for my poor english, it's not my mother tongue...

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From raystrach - 15 Nov 2007 - 01:50

hi badjojo
as long as it hits the front wall first above the cut line and it eventually lands in the correct service box (or is volleyed before it hits the floor) and it does not go out anywhere, it can hit as many walls as it likes, including the back wall.

just to repeat

  • front wall first above the cut line
  • does not go out
  • lands in the correct service box

everything else in of no consequence in relation to the rules. you are now in business!!

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